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Outlaw Star RPG


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The pirates have not yet given up to get the Outlaw Star back. But this time Gene Starwind has a few friends with their own ships. Here's how to personalize your ship,

Type (example: grappler, plain, fast, etc.):
Background info:
Crew (just names):
Health (200-1000):
Home Planet:
My ship :D
Name: Nebula
Type (example: grappler, plain, fast, etc.): Anchor (it attaches to other ships)
Weapons: 2 missiles, 2 anti-missiles
Background info: Built on five different planets, then put together
Crew (just names): Ace Goldstein, Keen Goldstein, Psycho
Health (200-1000):1000
Home Planet: Sentinel
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Forewarning....heh, I'm not so good at rpg's.... but I like OutlawStar....so I'll give this one a try. :D :cool:

Name: Luna
Type: Grappler
Weapons: 4 missile kits(2 on each side of the ship) and anti-missile weaponry in the hands of the grappler arms.
Background Info: ..original owner unknown..
Crew: Kindora(a rogue Ctarl Ctarl in search of adventure at any cost)
Health: 700
Home Planet: Ctarl Ctarl Empire....(I don't know what the planet's called)
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Alright i'll join.Just because i am also a Outlaw Star fan.
Name:The Cloud
Type:Fast Grappler
Weapons:10missles,5 anti-missles,Lasers guns in the ships hands.
Background info:Unknown
Crew:Cloud Strife
Home Planet:Unknown
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