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RPG -super Shibby Bros. 3-

Dragon Warrior

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Get shibby with it people. Do not post Dark Matter talking or his actions unless the characters are interaction with him, please. Thank you. You may begin!!!
Sitting under a tree in Hyrule, Link chilled eating an apple when suddenly, he was visited by his old pal Dr. Mario. "Hey! What do you need, Doc?"

"Mama Meya and Chicken Pasties ahoy, don't call me doc! I'm Dr. Mario."

"Okay, Doc. So, what is it?"

"Well, I just wanted- bah! You did it again, didn't you?" Dr. Mario pointed a finger at Link, "Didn't you? ANSWER ME!" Suddenly, a spaceship came crashing down and landed on Dr. Mario.

"Yay!" Link rejoiced. Samus emerged from the smoking wreck. "Sorry to drop in" she said. Then she turned to see an arm hanging out from underneath her burning cockpit. "Oh my good games! Is that Doc?"

Lifting the ship in a fit of rage, Dr. Mario hurled it at Link and Samus who both caught it as Dr. Mario yelled, "Don't call me [SIZE=4]DOC!!![/SIZE] "

"Sorry, doc." Link and Samus said together.

"Quite alri- what was that? Grrr..."

[B]Meanwhile, in Dark Matter's evil lair...[/B]

"I may have been defeated 2 times, though the defeats weren't shown since Super Shibby Bros. 1 & 2 weren't finished, I shall win this time! I have created the ultimate power. Or so I thought..." He then pulled out an apple.

"This was what I thought possessed the most power in the world. Then I invented... THIS!" He pulled a sheet off a table revealing... AN ORANGE! "Muahhahahaha!"

"Umm.. sir.." Dark Matter turned to his assident.

"What is it, Dark Kirby?"

"An orange.. doesn't have powers."

"SILENCE! I shall invent something better. Maybe an orple. Muahahhaahhahaa *cough*hack*wheez*" He then fell on the floor coughing and gagging.

He finally got up and looked at the people surrounding him. He then gave out some very frightening words. "Oh great. I think I just puked in my mouth."
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[B]Later, in Dark Matter's "evil" labs...[/B]

"Muhahaha! I've done it, Dark Kirby!"

"What have you done sir?"


"A pear?"

"No, stupid! A robot monster! But pear isn't a bad name. I shall call him... PEAR!"



"umm.. why don't you just use me to help you take over Gameworld. I'm perfectly capable of-"

"Dark Kirby! Get me a PB&J sandwich for Pear."

"But that'll short circu-"

"Get it!"

"Right sir." Dark Kirby scurried off to make the sanwich and returned in two shakes of a Yoshi tail.

"Good. Here you go, Pear. Eat up. You need the fiber." The canine robot ate the sandwich and short circuited.

"Told you, sir."

"Darn right, you did! You told me to name him Pear! What kind of pansy name is that? That's why he went [SIZE=4]BA-BOOM![/SIZE]. I'll have to rebuild. Yes... and I shall rename him. Muahhaahha.. ooh.. Dark Kirby. Get me a sandwich. All this talk of PB&J and pears makes me grow an appetite."
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OOC: *laughs* *snickles* pear. .GAHAHAA!! . . oi. .O.o;;
*edit* sowwy DW:D*

*Fox flies over the forest and jumps out of his aircraft typical Shibby Style*

Fox: :D muhahahaha! I'm finally here!

*looks around*

Fox: er. .mebbe not. .-_-

*his fighter flies back and he gets in it, flying into a different quadrant*
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Link: SO what do you want to do Doc?

Doctor Mario: My name isn't doc, that is it*Grabs a MegaVitamins* You want to call me Doc then every time oyu do i will jam one of these down your throat. How about that. That goes for you to Samus.

Samus: But but but doc I didn't *Doctor Mario thows a MegaVitamin and hit Samus in the mouth with it, and then runs over to her and jams the MegaVitamin down her throat.

Doctor Mario: Haha, You shouldn't of called me Doc.
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Link, Dr. Mario, and Samus all walked along until a spaceship suddenly crash-landed on Dr. Mario. Fox McCloud emerged from nearby bushes.

"Hey, Fox. What are you doing in the land of Hyrule? Shouldn't you be in the newly built Star Fox base?" Link questioned.
"Nah. I'm on vacation."


"Get it off of me." Dr. Mario whined from underneath the ship.

"Is that you, Doc?" Fox looked at his ship and Dr. M under it.

"WHAT WAS THAT?" Dr. Mario shoved 20 Megavitamins down Fox's throat. As Fox coughed and hacked, Link, Dr. Mario, and Samus walked off down the road. Minutes later, Fox caught up and wrestled with Dr. Mario.


"Excellent, Dark Kirby. I have invented... Donkey Kong!"

"Umm.. Dark Matter, sir... Donkey Kong was invented."

"Wha wha wha?"

"In fact, he has a long line of products including dolls, games, and a TV Show. I watch it every weekend."

"Oh fiddle stix. Dark Kirby, take DK to the destoryer. Hey! I even made up a nickname for him! DK!"

"tHat was used also."

"Rats... I know! I'll use the powers of this magical toadstool i stole from a Mario game and... muhahahhahaha HAHAHHAA [SIZE=4]HAHAHHAHAA!!!"[/SIZE]

"Wow sir. You practicing on that evil laugh really helps you."

"I'm not laughing evilly. Hahhahaa! I accidently opened a case... ahhaha.. of laughing gas. Hahahaha!"

"Hhahaha! I see that sir! Hahaha"

"Okay. It's gone. Now... while i recreate [SIZE=4]NON[/SIZE]pear, you shall make a monster to attack the worlds or any enemies."

Suddenly a light started to flash in the room. "Sir!" Dark Kirby yelled immediatly. "Enemies!"

"Wha wha? Good god! Characters from video games! Link, Samus, Doc, and Fox! Speak of the devil! Once your done with the monster, have him anniliate them! Muhahahahhaha!"

"Laughing gas?"

"No. Sleeping gas." He then collapsed on the floor and didn't wake up 'til 20 hours later.
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Fox: *cough* *spits out vitamins* citrusy. .so what do we do?

Doc: . . . *looks at name* :flaming: call me doc!!!

*shoves vitamins down Liams throat*

Liam: *cough, hack, cough* icky. .oooo all the pretty colours. .:excited:
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