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[B]Introducing...One of the first RPGs EVER, to acually make use of the stats feature!!! *DUM DUM DUUUM*[/B]

[I]The year is...Ummm..."I don't have a clue" but all that matters is that it has been...*Counts* 2 years since Cell was-[/I]

Director: BUU!!!

[I]Uh, since BUU was defeated. All of the Z Fighters except Vegita and Gokou have stopped training. [/I]


[I]Ok. The year is...Uhh...[/I]

Director: *Sigh* Can't you even read?

[I]Um...Nope! I just made that first bit up too! HAHA! I am not even the real narrator HAHA![/I]


[I]The guards drag the freak out and get the REAL narrator...[/I]

Narrator: *Ahem* [I][COLOR=red]The year is 2291...Many Wars have been done, each one more brutal than the last...Although when a man named Akwertz Kortiaz created the human enhancement device, the wars got even more dangerous...

Currently, World War 7 is on. Many people have died, and the Zechmos are currently losing against the Getoracs and the Yuragnors. They finally decided to use up ALL the profits from the country to employ some hard-*** mercenaries to win back their place in the fight for world domination.[/I][/COLOR]

YOU are one of those hard-*** mercenaries. And YOU msut help the Zechmos win back their freedom. (They are the good guys and are being attacked by the other two countries.)


[COLOR=red]Thanks to the human enhancement devices, your abilities are far above that of a normal soldier. And for once, your stats matter. If you fight someone else, I will generate some stats for them, and you will both compare. Here is a guide to my battle system.[/COLOR]

You have 1,000 points to spread between:

[COLOR=green]Health: (Basically how long until you die.)[/COLOR]

[COLOR=red]Punches: (If the opponents punches are stronger, you recive 100 damage. Take it away from your health meter.)[/COLOR]

[COLOR=blue]Kicks: (If the opponents kicks are stronger, you recive 150 damage. Take it away from your health meter.)[/COLOR]

[COLOR=chocolate]Weaponary: (If you engage in a shoot-out, you are going to need good accuaracy and good guns. You will have (however many points you put for your weaponary) points to spread out between your:
Gun Power:

Here are mine:

[COLOR=green]Health: 500[/COLOR]

[COLOR=red]Punches: 100[/COLOR]

[COLOR=blue]Kicks: 150[/COLOR]

[COLOR=purple]Speed: 100[/COLOR]

[COLOR=chocolate]Weaponary: 150
Gun Power: 50 (will do double the damage you give its points, so if I make a hit with my gun it will do 100 damage)
Accuracy: 100 (if your accuracy is higher than the opponents speed, then you hit them. If it isnt, then you miss and your turn is over.)[/COLOR]

That is your stats for battling. Here is how you battle:

(Me) vs. -Commander- (I make up the stats for commander, but I wont show them, so the battles are harder! :devil: )

My turn: (by the way, count these as separate posts. Also, I will be the one in control of ALL soldiers you fight. So bascially you will be fighting me all the time.) I pick PUNCH.

[I](I look at Commanders stats) His punches are better, so I recive 100 damage. My health is now at 400.[/I]

Com's turn: He picks TAKE OUT HIS GUN AND SHOOT.

[I]I look at his Acc' and my speed. My speed is faster so I dodge the hit. Com's turn is over.[/I]

My turn: I choose TAKE OUT MY GUN AND SHOOT.

[I]I look at Com's speed and my accuaracy. My acc' is faster so I hit Com' and he recives 100 damage.[/I]

And so on...[SIZE=4]Although this method takes a long time to do, so I've decided I'll only use it when we fight bosses.[/SIZE] ;)


[COLOR=red]Name: Suzuku
Age: 20
Bio: (Unknown)
Personality: Loves to kick ***. Looks like USSJ Trunks.[/COLOR]


I hope I've made all that clear...;)
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Health: 400
Punches: 115
Kicks: 115
Speed: 250
Weaponary: 220
Gun Power: 110
Accuracy: 110
Name: Major Havoc
Age: 17
Bio: A young warrior who has the heart of a killer, is in these wars for two reasons...to kill...and to end all the killing...for a while...
Personality: A cold, careless Teenager who would love nothing more to kill every last enemy in his sights...
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[b]Name: AJ
Age: 13
Bio: A cold innocent-looking, unsuspectable little child, who has been trained to kill by the elite [i]SHOT[/i] program.
He has unbribeable loyalty to his [i]SHOT[/i] house-clan.
([i]SHOT[/i] is split into house-clans, each house has a house-leader, who give orders to the house from the [i]SHOT[/i] centre.
House-clans compete against each other, in mission completion speeds, success rates, stealth, etc. [i]SHOT[/i] devised the house design, so that the child-assassins would take more care in their objectives, and enjoy doing jobs painstakingly perfect, because of the house-rewards, and house-punishments)
Health: 200
Punch: 10
Kick: 10
Speed: 280
Sword-power: 250
Accuracy: 250[/b]
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Health: 500
Punches: 150
Kicks: 150
Speed: 300
Weaponary: 400
Gun Power: 100
Accuracy: 100
(Defence: 50)
Name: Nico
Age: 14
Bio: A young enthauthiast who can't spell :p. She carries a blue sword around, which was handed down from her mother. Both parents died at 12, that is why she fights. Adopted by a gang of merceneries.
Personality: Likes to laugh (esp. when killing the enemy), loves practical jokes but can be serious...
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