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Outlaw Star RPG Part 2


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This is the thread where the RPG will be happening. Let's gooo!
Shortly after the Outlaw Star left the Leyline, they met up with another ship. Thet started a battle, thinking the ship was a pirate's.

Gene-Come on guys we got to pull through!
Jim-We can't win!!! They keep attaching their anchors arms to us!
Gilliam-Jim, what if we used the same grappler mode where Suzuka and Aisha take control over one arm each?
Jim-We don't have enough power!!!
Gene-That's it! Fire everything we got!!!
Ace-Outlaw Star, you had enough?
Gene (sarcasm)-Spare us, oh great ship! We're dying! Ha-Ha!
Ace-Wrong answer!

The Nebula dodged all missiles (being a small ship) and attached its anchor arms one more time to the OLS and flung it into space, then fired its two missiles.

Gene-Can't you dodge them?
Jim-No, we lost control!

The missiles made contact.

Next episode: The Cloud and The Luna are introduced and the pirates are back for an Encore...

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It's been 2 years since Kindora abandoned the Ctarl Ctarl Empire. She has been exploring space in her new-found toy.....The Luna. Little does she know that she's an outlaw.....and has enemies, the Kei Pirates.

Lucille(The Luna's onboard/A.I. computer)- Kindora, I must warn you, the meteor shower we just experiened has done signifigant damage to the exterior of the ship.

Lucille- Kindora, I must warn you-...

Kindora- Ugh...I heard you the first time, gees....what do you suggest we do?

Lucille- I suggest we dock at the nearest space port, and have the damgages repaired before a more serious problem is impinged upon us.

Kindora- Sounds Good....We'll head for Blue Heaven, dock there, and get some grub... Then I'll find the cheapest mechanic around...

Lucille- Your concern for my well being flatters me Kindora.

Kindora- Don't let it go to your head...

[i]Next Episode.....The crew of The Cloud has a running in with Kindora of The Luna.[/i]
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The Outlaw Star took little damage but decided to head for Blue Heaven. The Nebula was nowhere in sight.

Aboard The Nebula:
Ace-I guessed they had enough so I left, Keen! I'm not chicken!
Psycho-You people amaze me...
Keen (while struggling to get away from Ace's grip)-How's about we go to Blue Heaven?
Psycho-Fine with me.
Ace-Fine, Lil' Bro.

Next episode: The Collision

[I]You Better Get Ready![/I]
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Cloud has been is in blue heaven looking for another job.

Cloud-Hey do you know of any jobs i could do?

Bar tender-Nope sorry.

Cloud-Hit me with another one!

Bar tender-Here!*throws him another shot of whiskey*


Man-You Cloud Strife?


Man-*points gun to his head*If you are you must die!

Cloud-**** cyborg.*takes out caster and blows its head off*

Bar tender-The police were offiring a reward for its capture.

Cloud-How much?

Bar tender-1000 wong.

Cloud-*grabs cyborg and runs to police station and gets money*

Bar tender-He should be coming in right about now.

Cloud-*bursts in door*I did it!

Bar tender-Told ya.


Cloud-Huh???:confused: :confused:

Kindora-Your so predictable.

Cloud-Get the lady a drink.
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Kindora and Cloud sit down at the bar. The bar tender hands Kindora the Gin and Tonic Cloud offered to buy her. The two have had a conflicting past.....they were once enemies, but teamed up in Heifong( where they first met ) to help each other out against the Kei pirates. Their relationship is still questionable.

Kindora- I was hoping to find you here....

Cloud- Really? And why's that?

Kindora- Look..... since the last time we met in Heifong, I was taken prisoner on my own ship by a band of punks..... Luckly for me they were amutuers, and only forced me to give them all of my money. I was lucky to escape with The Luna. On the way here, my ship was damaged...... to make a long story short, I need 3,000 wong to cover the repairs.

Cloud- Why does this not surprise me?

Kindora- You know I'll pay you back......

Cloud- How could I turn a pretty little thing like you down?......Lemme see......Oh Yes, like this.....NO-WAY ::jumps up from his seat ans storms out of the bar::

Kindora- *Was it something I said?*
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Kindora-*chases after Cloud*Cloudy!

Cloud-Don't call me that!

Kindora-Pleaseeeee!*puppy eyes*:(

Cloud-Stop it!

Kindora-*puppy eyes*



Cloud-This is the last thing i do for you!

Kindora-Thank you!*gives Cloud a big hug and a kiss*

Cloud-What did i get my self into?:( :confused:

Kindora-Where is your ship?

Cloud-What ever your thinking its not happen'n

Kindora-Just asking.:rolleyes:
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Kindora and Cloud went to the repair shop, looking for a mechanic. Kindora was jumping up and down with happiness.

Kindora-Oh, Thank You Cloudy!
Cloud- *moan*

Meanwhile the OLS and The Nebula were pulling in to the docks.
Neither of them realizing that the other was there.

Gene-I can't believe we got away!
Suzuka-I have some business to take care of. I will see at 12:00.
Aiesha-I heard that there is another Ctarl Ctarl somewhere here! I'm gonna find them! Bye *runs off*!
Jim-Why does everyone always leave?
Melfina-Shouldn't we be looking for a mechanic?
Gene-I told you Mel, we can't do any repairs. Not with the money we have!

Ace-Come on, let's go get some drinks!
Psycho-I have to meet a fellow assasin, I will meet you at 12:00.
Keen-Wait a minute... PSYCHO'S AN ASSASIN?!?!:confused:

Everybody was going to the same repair shop (and Bar). Suddenly they met...

Gene-Hey you're that guy from the Nebula!!! *takes out Caster Gun* I'll blow your brains out!
Ace-There's no need to kill me. I'm not a pirate. I'm an Outlaw.

Next Episode: Meeting of old and new friends

[I]You Better Get Ready![/I]
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Cloud-What did i get myself into?:(

Kindora-Thank you Thank you!


They get to the repair shop.

Cloud-Give her the works for 3000 wong.

Shop worker-Alright.

Kindora-Is that another Ctarl Ctarl?

Shop worker-Witch dock is it?

Kindora-Dock 9.Lets go see Cloudy!

Cloud-Don't say that!

Kindora-Alright Cloudy!;)



Kindora-Look Cloud!*Drags Cloud over to Aiesha*Hi my name's Kindora!:D

Aiesha-Yay another Ctarl Ctarl!Lets go to the bar and get something to eat.


They get to the bar and see Gene and Ace.

Aiesha-Hi Gene!


Kindora-Hi my name's Kindora.

Cloud-Name's Cloud.
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Ace-what is this a family reunion??
Gene-I don't know what it is!
Ace-You're here, too?
Gene-Yeah I am!!! What's it to you?

They both take out Caster Guns.

Gene-Eat this!!!
Melfina-Please don't fight!
Ace-Hey wait you have a caster, too?
Gene-Yeah, What's it to you?
Ace-I guess we are both Outlaws.
Gene-Oh yeah. So let's start the introductions!

Everyone introduced themselves.

Gene-Wow, there's a lot of connections here.
Kindora-I remember you Aisha! We were both in training school!
Aisha-Candy, is that you? HA-HA-HA!!!
Gene-Hey guys, could I ask a favor?
Everyone (except Jim, Aisha and Melfina)-Sure...
Gene-Could you help me shake the Pirates off my tail?
Everyone (except same people)-*fall down*What?!?
Gene-So can you?
Everyone (except same old people)-All Right...

Next Episode: Launch Ships!

[I]You Better Get Ready![/I]

P.S. Did you like the pic?:D
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Cloud-I know i'll regret this but what the hey!

Kindora-That's the spirit Cloudy!


Cloud-Don't push it!

Kindora-I'll stop calling you Cloudy.


Aiesha-Did you two have a realationship?



Aiesha-Way ta go candy!:D


Gene-She does'nt look to bad for a Ctarl Ctarl.

Aiesha-What's that supposed to meen?:mad:



Ace-Should'nt we get to our ships.

Cloud-Good idea.

Kindora-My ship is being repaired.

Cloud-*sigh*You can ride in mine.

Kindora-Thanks Cloud!
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Melfina-Launching in 5...4...
Keen-Hey, Ace isn't Psycho coming with us?
Ace-No, he left with that other assasin.
Gene-So guys were we headed?
Ace-I dunno.
Kindora-I heard there's a planet that's made out of Dragonite!
Aisha-Ooh, Me too!
Gene-Well then... Let's Gooo!

Next Episode: Landing On Planet Golidon!

[I]You Better Get Ready![/I]

P.S. Did you even look at the pic:mad:? Please tell me!:(
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[i]Kindora and Aisha moved toward the back of the ship.....They were both determined to find out what the other has been up to for so long.[/i]

Kindora: Wow!......It's been soo long.....

Aisha: I know! How did you become an outlaw? Last time I saw you, you seemed perfectly content with your life.....

Kindora: Well, to make a long story short....I got bored with my life.....I wanted adventure! So I escaped from that H-ll hole...

Aisha: ....and scored a killer ship!! How did you get it any way?

Kindora: Well, after the Ctarl Ctarl cargo ship I escaped on docked with a space port..... I guess you can say I "hitch-hiked" for a while. I did odd jobs for cash, and bummed rides with people from here to there. The last women who took me in was the owner of The Luna. She had some weird illness, and died one night while on the ship. We had become pretty good friends....so I didn't think she would mind if I "inheirited" the ship......if you catch my drift...

Aisha: Oh..... I get it...... so it's not really stolen.....more like "finders keepers?"

Kindora: Yes. ...I guess you could say that.... So....How have you been?

Aisha: Well.... life's been good.....being a crew member on the Outlaw Star has it's ups and downs. I just wish Gene wan't such a jerk most of the time.....He can make life a real drag! But, just between you and me, I still have a crush on him....always have. However, I think him and Melfina.....well, ya know....

Kindora: HaHa....yes, I understand.

Cloud: (to Kindora and Aisha) Hey you guys! Come here, you gotta check this out!

Aisha: (to Kindora) Do you think we have finally arrived at Golidon?

[i]PS: I checked out your pic......very nice.[/i]
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Aisha-I can't believe it!!! Is Golidon made out of Dragonite???
Gene-Looks like it!
Ace-*whistles*, that's a lot of money!
Keen-Yeah I can't believe it!
Jim-That's amazing!
Melfina-Now landing...
Cloud-Let's get this show on the road!
Gene-Hey, that's my line!
Cloud-Sorry...:rolleyes: *under breath* mental.
Kindora-Are we there yet?Are we there yet?Are we ther...
Kindora-Sorry, Cloudy. I'm so nervous!
Cloud-Well, I've landed.
Gene-Same here.
Ace-Me too.

Next Episode: Harvesting The Gold

[I]You Better Get Ready![/I]

P.S. You're being sarcastic aren't you *GaLxY-GiRl*? :mad: I dont care I think it's awesome! Sorry:o ... I'm gloating...
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Cloud-How do we get this stuff?

Gene-We dig it up.

Cloud-Do you here that?

Kindora-I hear it too!


Cloud-Its something big.Very big.

Gene-I don't hear it.:confused:

Cloud-*loads caster*Get ready!

Kindora-I don't have a gun.:(

Cloud-Here.*loads a pistol and gives it to Kindora*

Melfina-He's right i'm picking something up!
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[i]Kindora and Aisha were the first to see the craft approach(due to their excellent Ctarl eyesight.) The dull noise they had heard, looked to be emitted from a large dun-buggy/drilling machine heading their way. It crept slowly toward the edge of the gorge that seperated it from the outlaws.[/i]

Kindora: I see it!

Aisha: So do I! Over there, on the other side of this gorge.

Cloud: Be on gaurd everyone.....we don't know if they are armed.

[i]The craft slowed to a stop, and a hatch on the top of the machine swung open. A man, and a women clambered out, presenting their hands to signal they were unarmed(Cliff and Karen.) A third, eldery man slowly pulled himself out of the hatch and limped to the edge of the gorge. Besides his unalarming appearence, he spoke will a stunning force.[/i]

Razor: You there! All of you! What's the big idea, encroaching on our digging spot??!

Karon: ::whispering under breath:: ...Father, you might not want to harass that one man with the caster....

Cloud: Heh, I'd take her advice if I were you....::aims caster at Razor:: Now, can you run that by me again, I don't think I heard you correctly. You claim that this is [b]your[/b] digging spot?!? Funny, I dont see your name on it....

Razor: You are a cheeky one. However, I have many years of experience under my belt... and a good half of them have been spent dealing with punks like you and your friends-

Aisha: Hey!! Who you calling a punk?! You 'ol geiser!!

Razor: ::Shoots Aisha a cold stare:: Heed my warning and leave this place....

Gene: Old man, I don't think you know what you've gotten yourself into..... :: points [b]his[/b] caster at Razor also::

Cloud: We're not backing down without a fight!:flaming:
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Cloud-Fine.You can have this spot!

Gene-What are you doing?

Cloud-We are not pirates.

Gene-I guess your right.

Cloud-But our ships stay here.


Kindora-Whew.I thought he was going to kill him.

Cloud-I would'nt do that.:angel:

Aiesha-Lets get the diggin!

They hear another rumble bigger than the last.

Gene-What the!

A big monster comes up from the ground and attacks.
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Sorry, I've been busy...

Razor-Karen, Cliff, get digging!
Gene-Hey, don't push a cute girl like Karen around!
Razor-You should not talk back to your elders. Have respect.
Ace-Respect, respect.:rolleyes:
Keen-Hey, Jim are you the son of Jeremy Hawking?
Jim-Yeah, so what?
Keen-I'm your cousin...
Ace-James, that you? I thought you were someone else!!!
Jim-Nope, I'm a Hawking!

Next Episode: Digging Up The Wrong Thing!

[I]You Better Get Ready![/I]

P.S. *GaLxY-GiRl*, you got the names cliff and Karen from Harvest Moon didn't ya?:smirk:
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Cloud-What is that!?

Kindora-Help me!


Kindora-Help me Cloud!

Cloud-WTF!*blasts 2 shots in the monsters back and it turns*

Gene-I think you made it mad.


Cloud blasts the monster some more with his caster.

Aiesha-I need some popcorn...


Gene-Look at him run!:laugh:
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[i]After about an hour of "monster wrangling," Cloud returned. Around his neck was one of the beast's teeth. He had fashioned it with the help of a single hair from the monster's back.[/i]

Kindora: Nice necklace Cloud :laugh:

Cloud: :: posing like a model:: Ya, I know....I thought it would compliment this ensemble....:D

Kindora: :rolleyes: You're too cute! :love:

[i]Kindora, Cloud, Aisha and the rest walk back to the ship to retrieve their digging tools. The group spread out, choosing a spot all there own, on the mountainous region, to cover more ground.[/i]

Aisha: I can't believe this.....the men should be doing all the digging...

Kindora: Hey Aisha, stop complaining!! (It's all about the Benjamin's baby...;)) By the way, what the h-ll does Dragonite look like anyway?

Keen: ::cuts in:: It's a yellow substance that resembles Gold. The only real difference between the two metals is their atomic weight.

Kindora: Oh, I see...thanks a lot!

[i]The team digs for hours without spotting a crumb a Dragonite. Finally, Jim yells out with joy.[/i]

Jim: I found some! I really found some Dragonite!! Come here guys...quick!

[i]Everyone runs toward Jim, anxious to see his discovery.[/i]

Gene: Wow! Way to go, Jim!

Ace: Heh, heh....Not bad little buddy, not bad!

Melfina: Can I see the Dragonite sample Jim? I'll run some tests on it...just to make sure it's the real deal.

Jim: Sure Mel. Here ya go. ::hands Melfina the chunk::

[i]The outlaws "chill out" while Melfina runs the tests. They are all very content with the find. Where there's a chunk of Dragonite.....there's more to be found. Little do they know that their jovial mood is about to be put on hold. Melfina walks slowly towards Gene,looking to be on the verge of tears. She's scared to let him in on the bad news....knowing how his temper can flare at times.[/i]

Melfina: ::whispers in his ear:: Gene, the sample is not Dragonite....

Gene: WHAT?!?!?

Melfina: It's not-

Gene: Son of a-

Keen: Huh?!? What's going on??

Gene: The metal Jim found is not Dragonite!

Ace: So what? We'll just excavate here until we find some...

Kindora: No can do.....We're running out of supplies as it is.....we'll barely have enough food to last us until we get back to Blue Heaven.

Aisha: So....What your saying is,all the digging I've been doing has been all for......NOTHING?!? ACHHHHHK :mad: :flaming:

[i]Saddened, dissapointed, and down right pissed off, the outlaws cram back into the Nebula, and head for Blue Heaven. This little escapade as shown the outlaws that, what sounds too good to be true, usually is.......[size=1]But what about the mysterious Razor, and his children, Cliff and Karen?[/size][/i]

[i]Next Episode......Trouble, on the high seas of space.[/i]
[b][i]You Better Get Ready![/i][/b]
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