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Writing FANFIC! Dragonball Z vs.

Guest Saiyangohan2002

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Guest Saiyangohan2002
i would love to make my series dbz vs. ... known to otaku

in the series dbz characters face many famous people, cartoons, and series. so watch this space!

some of my manga* work so far

DBZ v.s...

osama bin laden 1 2 & 3



Dragonball X

South Park

and my personal favorite

DBZ vs. The beast of armageddon (666)

if u have any suggestions for more dbz vs. let me know!

* because i dont have the maga's anymore i will submit it as a story.
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Have you got a scanner? Coz I really wanna see some of em!! :D

Anyway, about your question:

DBZ vs. Mr. T :mrt:

lol, I can acually see that!

[QUOTE]Mr Satan: BWAHAHAHA I am the champion of the world you can't beat me!!!

Mr T: Whatever foo'!

*Somewhere around Neptune*

Mr Satan: Damn! That Mr T can throw HELLUVA FAR!!! :eek:[/QUOTE]

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