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Writing the bleeding heart & the scarred soul

SSJ5 Vegeta

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I?ve been beat around till I don?t know what?s real
And what?s fake in this messed up deal
My heart is what you've killed
Pierced by your eyes
And been fed nothing but lies
That I can't choke down my throat, but I?ll try
I've never been the one to break down and cry
I've just been the one to stuff it all inside
I think I?ll go take a little pink pill
If I don?t wake up in the morning, oh well
He keeps them in the medicine cabinet
In the prescription big bottle made of plastic
The pain on the inside, numbs everything
On the outside, and deafens the shame
Of living this life, like I do

I feel used, abused, don?t know what to do
I wish it all wasn?t true
Like it was some kind of dream
I?d wake up, and scream
And everything would be ok
But it wouldn?t be real

It wouldn?t be what I really feel
I?m like a scared child
Trapped in a dark corner scorned
My dreams were once free and wild
Now they lay tattered and torn
It?s unreal isn?t it?

Unreal I feel like this?
Unreal I feel like ****?
Unreal I can?t take this?
Unreal I slit the vein?
Unreal I bleed like this?
Is it real yet?
Am I real yet?
I bleed, I must be real...
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