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Writing Mimi Fanfic!


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"Happy Birthday Mimi!"
"Happy Birthday? What is so happy about it?"
"Umm.. you get presents/"
"So what?"
"And today you are having a party with all of the kids at school coming."
"I see them all the time, it is no big deal."

It was Mimi's birthday, but she wasn't excited about it. A few months ago her parent's got new jobs in New York City and brought her with her. She was taken from Japan was where she had made all of her friend, and it took weeks for her to get over the fact that she would never see them again. But she was most upset about never being able to see her boyfriend, Joe, again. Before she found out about having to move Joe had admitted that he had feelings for her, and she admitted her feelings for him. The time that they spent together after that was great while it lasted, but she eventually had to go. She was still able to talk to Joe over the computer though, it was what she was doing right now. Izzy set up some cameras so they could see eachother when they spoke; it was almost like they were actually together... almost.

"I still have to give you your present."
"Oh boy, what is it?"
"It's a suprise, and the present isn't just from me either. It is from all of us here in Japan, we miss you so much."
"Don't make me cry Joe..."
"Okay, close your eyes."
"Why? I can't see you or anything."
"Just do it!"
"Is it something on the computer? It had better not be another one of Matt's songs. I keep telling him how much I don't like the music he always sends to..."

Mimi continued babbling on about Matt's band while Joe started to transfer a file from his computer to hers. She covered her eyes while her digivice began to glow brightly. Mimi didn't notice this though, because her eyes were covered by her hands.

"Can I open my eyes now?" Mimi asked with anticipation.
"Not yet, 5...4...3...2...now!"

The digivice started beeping loudly, and Mimi looked down to see the that her digivice had fallen loose from her pocket. She bent over to pick it up when something jumped out of the computer and onto her, knocking both Mimi and the creatue to the ground. Mimi knocked the creature off of her and stood up. The strange green monster also stood up, stared Mimi directly in the eyes, and began to cry.

"Mimi?" Said the creature with tears flowing across her leafy face.

Mimi knew who this monster was. It was her monster... it was Palmon!

[size=1]Hello everyone, I was bored and decided to write a story about Mimi's adventures in New York. This is only the first part, and I promise there will be alot more exciting things to happen in the future. I hope you liked it.[/size]
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[QUOTE][i]Originally posted by Blanko_el-miez [/i]
SHORT but good [/B][/QUOTE]

[size=1]I am not done yet! I still have more to write... just wait until later and I will have even more of this Mimi epic complete.[/size]
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