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Writing Day Dreaming


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The Sun, Beautiful, Bright, and setting slowly on the horizen.

The bright colors of orange, yellow, and red shine off the waters

surface on to your face as you sit there and dream about the day

you can see him again. The day you can take him in your arms

and hold him close while you tell him how much you care for and

miss him. Just to see his face again would lighten your dark,

gloomy, and shapeless times back to their happy, bright , and

loving ways again. You dream about how much that last kiss

ment to you and how much those last words stuck to your heart.

You wish you could hold him close and tell himhow much you love

him, how much you care. How much you would pay just to see his

face again. How much you missed his voice and the way he

would kiss you. You dreamed of the day he would ask the

question that would change the rest of your lives forever.

You wake up and relize that that time has passed the sun has set

the day to another course. Y ou must take the course that fits

your need for, he is never comming back. It is time to move on

and let the days move on to better things. You relize he did

not leave casue of you. He just let his sun set, Its time you let

yours set too. It is time to move on.'

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