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Gaming Nintendo Candy Dispensers


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i only saw to of them at eckerd they were link and DK i dunno if they have Samus
-edit-i'll draw a sketch of one on the pc to show ya the concept-edit-
sorry about double posting mods but i need to do it for the concept of the toy so below is the attachment to the diagram of it it is really poor just to tell ya.(the diagram)

[color=indigo][size=1]There, I combined them.
If you forgot to post the attachment, or you want to post one later, just go in to edit your message, and copy the message to the clipboard, by highlighting the message and pushing Ctrl and C at the same time. Then delete the message, and go to post a new one. Paste the old message into the new message, by pressing Ctrl and V at the same time, and add the attachment. - jcgoudy[/size][/color]
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