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Gaming I'd just like to know...


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I'd just like to know...
If you could take a pokemon that already exsists and change it's stats, attakes, and type, what would it be like?

I'd make mine a Charizard (he's my fav pokemon), Dragon/Fire type and it's attacks would be:
1) Flamethrower
2) Earth Quake
3) Arial submission (unfortunatly this attack dosen't exsist in the game, but oh well...)
4) Slash

Notice: I didn't put hyper beam because I don't like that attack, it's very annoying. I don't use it much anyways.

Another one might be Rapidash, Dark/psycic and it's attack would be:
1) Psycic
2)Flamethrower (It's one of my fav attack as you've probably already noticed)
3)Shadow ball
4)Crunch (that would look funny!:D )
It's coloring would also be differnt (I've already seid this some were else), it would be black with a silvery shine to it and dark silvery moon colored eyes.

those are my favorite kinds (corse Charizards not very original *shrug*), how 'bout you?

[SIZE=1]*wispering to herself* this is my first time posting a new thread, hope it goes ok...*clicks the "submit mew thead" button...*[/SIZE]
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[QUOTE][i]Originally posted by Darkmoon [/i]
[B][SIZE=1]*clicks the "submit mew thead" button...*[/SIZE] [/B][/QUOTE]

[COLOR=deeppink]Mew has nothing to do with the thread. ;)

I'd take a Pikachu, make him Dark/Electric/Flying. That takes care of weakness to ground. :)

So what if it's three types? :p

I'd raise it's stats to 999. Each of them.

A Thunder/Swift crossbreed that can hit Earth, with 99 PP.
Earthquake that can hit Flying. 99 PP, 'course.
Rest, but it doesn't put you to sleep. 99 PP.
Confuse Ray that deals Dark Damage. 99 PP.[/COLOR]
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Well I'd take a Cloyster, and change it to a Fire type. It's attacks would be:

1) Fire Blast
2) Ice Beam
3) Solar Beam
3) Rock Slide

Then I'd raise all of the stats to 999.9, and name him Fireter...

Perfect combination pokemon... :)
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Umm... I would take Mew or Mew-Two and make the stats as high as they would go and like give him these attacks:

1. Hyper Beam

2. Quick Attack

3. EarthQueke

4. Ember

5. Speed

and have him Steel/Water/fire/fighting that is it.
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why would you have quick attack? that is a move you give to weak pokemon! i would only have four attacks for mewtwo and they would be:
Fire Blast
Psychic (mewtwos best move)
i would havehave these moves because then it has a better chance of getting a critical hit!
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I don't know what I might pick. Maybe a Magikarp?

:therock: :therock:

No seriously, I'd make it into a [b]good[/b] Pokémon...

:therock: :therock:

No really. I'd raise its stats, not to 999, but something not pitiful. Y'know, somewhere in the vicinity of 350-something. I'd give him some good attacks. Not neccesarily the greatest attacks, just something not weak.

[*]Water Gun
[*]Double Team
[*]Dragon Rage

Yeah, I know, those attacks suck, but they're better than Splash and Tackle alone, right?

:therock: :therock:

Alright, I give up...
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[color=green]I just thought I'd remind you, that Splash hardly ever works, and only works half the time when battling in the water. And I think anything is better than Splash and Tackle alone.... :)[/color]
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