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RPG The Good the and the Bad side of Digimon


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Mom I am getting on the internet
OK Don't stay on too late
After about twenty minutes the boy gets an email from coolfhsa @ the digital world
The email says
We need your help.... Please click on the blue line. Hurry before it's too late.
After the boy clicks a D-Power forms in his hand and he is sucked into the digital world.
Unknow to this boy this same exact thing has happened to 5 others 2 boys 3 grls.
This smae thing happenss to 6 others but thier message reads
COme Rule the digital world. If you sound interested please click the blue line. They do but a Dark D-Power forms in thier hand and they are sucked into the digimon King's palace.

OK to join all you need to do is
Color of D-Power
Good or evil (3boys 3 grls evil same with good)
Description (optional)

Mine is

Niko has had amnease just before he was sucked into the digital world so he doesnt know anything about his past
One space is reserved for Blanko_el-miez
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Seto (Inferno)
Bravery(Like Courage)
Seto grew up without any friends. He always wished he could have a friend and later he found Syketrimon and was transported to the Digital World.
Seto wears some Denim Cargo pants, and his favorite Rennaisance shirt on it.
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name:kreigen darkbore
digimon:igamon {rookie}
crest: of memory
good: the second in command
bio: his adduite is his down fall beside for a pretty good memory he has to deal with his anger every time someone make even the slightest hint of a smart remark his only freind is......

garent lightbore
digimon: agatomon [champion]
crest: of understanding
d-power: aquamarnine fused with black
bad: 3rd in command
bio: her past is really wraped up with kreigen but neighter of them knows that the other will soon be facing each other!
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Name: Zee Yamatisku
Digimon: Kittymon(Rookie)
Crest: Trust
D-Power: BlueGreen
Bio: Zee is a very good student in school his rival is niko who always has something to say to him. He also plays soccer. He is the team captain. But the bad thing about him is that he doesent trust anybody.
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Name: TJ Grey
Digimon: Tiny Dramon
Crest: Power
Color of D-power: Gold
Good or Evil: Good
Bio: Has had a pretty normal life.
Description: Average height and build(guy), black T-shirt, Khaki zip-offs, military short-sleeve jacket, black baseball cap.

"If it's true you feel most alive when nearest to death...you must feel VERY alive"-Me.
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well i just wonder but does it really matter if there is a leader i mean none of the digidestened really if you brought it to the bone had one so the closest thing thy had was davis and tai and they neaver really did much anyhow. i just say let ply it fair ly and start this darn rpg
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Yea Ugamon is right too...I mean the digidestined dont have a leader...welll im not sure about Season one cuz Tai and Matt..but in our Rpg we dont need one so Darncoolguy when are we gonna start?
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Name: Axxe
Digimon: Noctogrizzlymon
Crest: of protectivness
D-color: orange
Evil or Good: No evil intentions, but not a happy go lucky kinda guy(like Piccolo)
Bio: He's a good kid but doesn't like to show it. Shows leadership and responsibility in battle.
Description: Wears a blue jacket, black pants, and black and white sneakers.
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I am sorry guys i have been baned from here at home so i can't post much i will start a new thread so if i don't continue the story help me out and i will get on as soon as i can.
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