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Anime All these Sayains?


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lets see, i will tell u what i know,

Goku has been on earth since he was a boy and was there when frezia destroyed the planet

Vegeta was off the planet probly doing some work for frezia at the time

Nappa was with Vegeta

Radditz i think was on his way to earth to get Goku

Brolli i am not sure about

all other saiyens were killed with the planet
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Kakkarot-- Was on Earth.

Vegeta-- Was being held in Frieza's ship.

Nappa-- On a mission (I'm pretty sure.)

Radditz-- Was on a mission with Nappa (Again, I'm not 100% sure)


Turlitz[Tree Of Might]: Was on a mission with his crew of warriors.

Brolli[8, 10, 11] and his Father[8]-- Were exilied from Planet Vegeta by King Vegeta because Brolli was more powerful than Vegeta.
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