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RPG Resident Evil: The Uprising (sign up)


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[i]The year is 2001, three years after the incidents in the racoon city outskirts, and in the metropolitan city itself. Umbrella has withdraw itself from all states of America, as it's ploy was blown wide open by members of the Racoon city special forces. S.T.A.R.S as a group has now reformed into a group of Anti-Bio-Terrorism Special Forces, dedicated to protecting the USA and the world from Bio-Terrorism.

Umbrella has now set up a head office, and research facility on an artificial island west of London. Against requests by NATO, and UN, they have continued to research the genetic manipulation of human embryos, in hope to create a Bio-Terrorism weapon, capable of taking out entire army?s. But there is still a final resistance set up in London, S.T.A.R.S; the group still hope to shut down the umbrella head office & research facility....
*S.T.A.R.S head office, London*

[i]Brian paces up and down the room, listening to the radio receptionist, tune the radio back on fourth on the short wave frequency. He is searching for a signal being broadcast from the Umbrella Head office, a signal contacting terrorist, and nations leaders, offering them the thing that S.T.A.R.S have been trying to stop for the past 6 months. The sale of the Bio-terrorist weapon, a humanoid monster, being sold of to the highest bidder.

Suddenly, there is a high pitched squeak from the radio, and then a series of tones...[/i]

Brian: Hold that.... That sounds like the signal, but it's not in Morse code, or any other code we know of...
Receptionist: Maybe it's not the signal Sir...
Brian: No... I?m sure of it, it's the umbrella signal, we have to find out what they are saying... we have to..
Receptionist: Sir, maybe it's not a Sound signal
Brian: What do you mean?
Receptionist: Well, they could be transferring a picture signal on the sound frequency, so people won't be able to pick it up
Brian: Well, lets find out. Hook it up to the screen

[i]The receptionist flicks a few switches and turns on the monitor. the screen is fuzzy. The receptionist moves a few dials, and a picture begins to appear, a man... talking...[/i]

"So, in conclusion, all of the bidders are to report to the HMS Pioneer at 0800 hours, 14-3-01, for transportation to the Umbrella Lab, from there, you may view the specimen, then... the bidding will begin. Money must be paid in cash, good day gentlemen...."

[i]The screen goes fuzzy once more [/i]

Brian: Well, it decided then. This will be it, the time has come, we will board the HMS Pioneer and infiltrate the Umbrella Labs. we have to stop them...
Receptionist: I will tell the Lieutenant to summon all the members for a meeting in 20 minutes
Brian: Good, we will see who is capable and who is not....

*20 minutes later*

[i]Brian is standing in front of a room of 20-15 people, all S.T.A.R.S members, all excelling in their field. He is showing a score of slides, and talking to the Wen & Women.[/i]

Brian: We will board the HMS Pioneer at 0750 hours and travel to the umbrella labs. We will stay in the Lower cargo hold and not reveal our existence to anyone out side us. The team will dive into the harbour and board the ship through the Air lock in the lower stern, i need a team of the best Men & Women we have, and you all need to be up to this. It will be a mission of stealth, but indeed, there may still be casualties, but that is a risk we will have to take to ensure the safety of the world. I need 5 Men, including myself for this mission, who will come with me..?

[i]Slowly, 4 hands raise into the air...[/i]

Brian: Good to see some familia faces, all of you state your...



My sign up:

Name: Brian
Sex: Male
Age: 32
Position: Team leader
Appearance: Tundra cargo pants, black shirt, brown hair, blue eyes, Black army boots & Black fingerless gloves.
Personality: Brian is a Team leader, who often doesn?t show emotion for the sake of maintaining his appearance as a Leader.
Weapons: Twin Magnums w/extended clips, AK-47, grenades & a Socom w/ laser sighting

There will be 4 other members for this RPG, so post your sign ups and i will choose the 4 based on their profiles.
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Position:regular member
Appearence:blue eyes,blue staind muscle shirt,black jeans and blonde hair.
Personality:Milan is a young member willing to help any partner who needs help,but because he's such a young member will run from zombies instead of fight.
Weapons:A flamethrower,2 PP7s,time bombs,and some grenades.
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Name-Kain Kushrinada
Position-Member of S.T.A.R.S
Appearance-Navy blue cargo pants,white shirt with a black vest over it,a scar right next to his eye on his nose,another scar on his jaw,black hair,green eyes,5'11
Personality-He likes to talk but not to much.He's a person who likes to have fun but also has a tendecy to keep a low profile.He hates it when people over react.
Weapons-Socom w/ laser sighting,M16 w/ grenade launcher,Desert Eagle,Double Barrel Shotgun.
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Name: Shiro Amada
Position: STARZ Officer (just joined, with fellow trainee Leon K.)
Though young, is very skilled with the Katana and Desert Eagle.

Appearance: Shiro is a young Japanese man, with a brand new STARZ uniform and a strong urge to serve and protect. He is trained to use several semi-automatic weapons, but his wepon's of choice are the Katana and D.Eagle. 5'4" in height and weighs 120 lbs. Though skinny, he is very agile and strong.

Personality: Though he has the appearance of a witty, charismatic young man. He is quite serious and keeps to himself. He is usually always training and onlly talks if he needs to, but if you need hiim to back you up... HE'S GOT YOUR BACK.

Techniques: Sting: Stab zombie in the head with Katana and then shoot his ace down with the DEagle.
Mitsurugi Style: Katana cuts a zig-zag into the zombie's body and he splits apart in pieces.
Shiro Style: Decapitate, and those heads keep on ROLLIN', ROLLIN', ROLLIN'........
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