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Writing a poem for school


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This is a little something i'm working on for school


Taken on a raft,
Down a lonesome river,
In my little seacraft,
That Shakes and quivers.
Then I come to a bend,
Not knowing the other side,
Could it be a foe or friend,
Would i be able to go against the tide?
The riverbend comes near,
Do I keep on,
And discover a new fear.
Or Wait till a new dawn.
Heres the time to chose,
Which will you cruise.

any suggestions? i'm open because i need to make 7-10 poems all written by me and i would like some ideas.
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The waves engulf you,
take you under,
captivate you,
and won't let you go:
yet you don't drown.
The water surrounds you,
and you become one with it,
The same waves become more intense,
turns into an ocean and entraps you:
Yet you love it.
This is what music is,
This is expression,
The way it should be,
the way I love it
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ok i'll think about that for my next ones, but i did write an ok one last night about the ocean, here's the first draft, i'm still working on it.

Wrap me in your blanket
And keep me safe.
Tell me stories of long ago,
About pirates and Spanish galleons.
You face glimmers in the sun,
And it?s radiant in the moon.
In your strong arm I am safe,
And fear no beast.
When I?m away,
Your friends come to see me.
They tell me stories about you,
Day in and day out.
My mother ocean,
You are wondrous indeed,
You are warm and kind,
You are truly my family,
You are a part of me.

I could probably do better but i need to make 7 more before the end of the week.
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