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Anime gundam graphic novel help

dark lord

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hey im doing a graphic novel based partialy on the ac timeline ive drawn two of the gundams but my other ones look two simalir could i get some help.
here are the names i need drawings for

shenlong 2
dark star

send the pics to [email]BILL_sinclair_3@hotmail.com[/email] all will be acepted just include the name an your name and when i post it ill give credit to every one who helped
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i have attempted to draw one gundam and failed horribly my thought on the subject is this...
Have you ever built one of the gundam models its alot like that accept you would have to make all of the plastic molds just perfectly so that they fit together...then you paint it then you put it together and if you realized you screwed up....your sc***ed.the major difference between the 2 is if you are making a model and screw up o well take it apart and fix it...If you are drawing it{i use ink pens mind you}and screw up you have to start from scratch
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maybe i should clarify some more im realy jus wanting different styles then my own cause i want every gundam to look totaly differnt no simularitys between them .

pssst can you guys keep a secret ? If i tell u don tell a soul . Ok i think i can trust u guys with the biggest secret .... the main idea of my story . its like this char is fighting in the szaibi, he ducks into a nebula but some battle cruiser has placed nebula bombs in the nebula they detnote and cause a strange space anomily sending chars from uc to ac but ac is different from the ac we know and hate/love its in the distant future of gundam wing the gundams have been scraped along with all other weapons the galaxy is in a peaceful bliss . chars power hungry guy he is , pulls a hitlir and siezes controll , he prosess an army of none other then his old favorite mobile suites , the zakus . he's not unaposed though a groupe of scientests create a small army of gundams and hide them away they are called the excaliber team for they only wait for pilots to pull them out of the proverbial stone..... intrerested wel your gonna have to wait till i post it .
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im realy likeing the suport im getting here ill post it as soon as im done , but while it isnt are thiere any sugestions out thiere of any other plot lines for chars conquest as i havent posted about the gundam squad . i think i give some info bout them though for starters thiere are only 2 suites that you could clearly mark for gundams they are the shenlong two and the evangle, the juggarnaught looks only half finished and the breyog has a dragon look to it its shell even looks like skin . the pilots of the evangle is kurt russle the shenlong 2's pilot is bill sinclair and the juggarnaught's pilot is an ageing wizard of sorts and brey og is a lizard like humanoid named szat yes thiere are alian spieces in the gundam universe now ill give u more info as i make it up
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