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The first in what I hope will be a new set of original, creative, and SERIOUS Gundams, is the Gundam Gemini, designed for Trieze Kushrenada[Alternate].

Gundam (II) Prototype - AFF001-G - "Gundam Gemini"
Pilot: Trieze Kushrenada [AU]

The Gemini's primary designer created it to match Trieze's new fighting style, which he had learned during his cross-planar escapade.

In keeping with Trieze's personal views towards combat, the Gemini is a close-combat-only suit. It is designed for multi-weapon melee combat. Treize's fighting style in the Gemini is generally a two-sword style, using the twin heatblades the Gemini carries on it's back. This two-weapon style is very difficult, but Trieze's skill enables him to use both weapons equally at once, parrying and attacking in a smooth, constant movement. The Gemini is built to enhance this style, it's mobility and motor functions excellent. It's speed matches that of the fastest Gundam.

The two-sword style, however, comes at a price. It's toughness and defence is lesser than most other gundams, as it lacks any form of arm or shoulder shield. It's primary defence is it's heat blades and beam swords - used to deflect and protect the Gemini almost as much as a shield. It's armor is a little lighter than other Gundams. It DOES have four planate defencer units that it uses sporadically to protect against ranged beam and projectile weapons, but those are generally the extent of the Gemini's defensive capabilities.

The Gemini is fully capable of Air and Space flight, and can fight in either enviroment.

Standard Armament:

Heat Blades (2): These two medium-length, straight blades are the Gemini's main weapons. They are stored in chargers in the Gemini's back pack. These blades are actually the hardest and toughest 'parts' of the suit, being made from a prototype Gundanium alloy.

Beam Swords(4): These backup weapons are used as countermeasures to other beam weapons. Two of them are stored in pop out holders in the Gemini's arms for easy access, and the other two are stored in the Gemini's back pack.
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[QUOTE][i]Originally posted by Alexander [/i]
[B]Eh? What's a G-Unit?

AFF001-G means Astar Foundation Force, Gundam Unit 001. [/B][/QUOTE]

Lol. That's funny. You just give a techincal readout of the Gemini and you don't know the series.:laugh:
G-Unit is the side story to Gundam Wing.
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