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It's been years sense anyone has seen the dreadful mist.The world was at peace.There were no more seru of the mist.The mist had been wiped off the face of the world......or so they thought.Signs of mist have been appearing.Seru have begun to change again into the vicious beasts controlled by the mist.Mist generators have begun to appear and villages were destroyed.Now it is up to seven young heroes and their Ra-Seru to fight against the mist for the last time.
To join post a profile like so:






Techniques-(five tops.you can get more later)

Weapons-(this is based mostly on hand-to-hand combat so no guns and big swords.Short swords are allowed.)
Name-Hayato Kushrinada


Appearance-Blue hair,blue eyes,black baggy pants,boots,blue shirt with a brown vest with flames on it over the blue shirt.

Bio-He is the son of Vahn.One of the heroes who were the first to destroy the mist.


Techniques-Hyper Elbow: Hayato hits five times in five different spots with his elbow.

Slash Kick-Hayato jumps in the air and kicks you in the collar bone.

Tornado Flame-Hayato hits you with a firery upper-cut.

Weapon-Hayato's fist: A special fighting glove designed only for him.It is made out of pure iron

Dagger:A simple dagger.
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name:krigen hedfin

age: 14

appearance: teal hair ,a blue green mix of eyes , navy blue pants a muscles shirt with a pic of glowing light on the back about 5ft 6in

bio: noa's son he loves to use speed over strengh any day his legs pack lots of kicking power but becareful his punchs still hurt quiet a bit

ra-seru iga a yellow ra seru with tiny angel type wings coming from it

techniques: wind cutter while jumping uses this attack to land on his attacker and sent him reeling with a swift cuting motion his mother showed him this

round kick good for useing when hourds of attackers seting them stummbling

angel punch creates a bright holy light and then he lunaches a series of very fast punches with enought force to bruise his attacker

swift staff uses lots of stuning guesase to knock the attacker down

light arrow cretes a light arrow that shoots more accurityly then a normal one.

weapon:krigen's staff { a very light staff made of lightest metal known very fast but still does a good amount of damage

a bow and grade 1 arrows:angel: k where is the play?
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