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RPG warriors of the phonix


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well here is another one of my trymendencey long plots but here it goes you guys. who probelbly wouldn't care just go a head and leave becuase this is only going to take a hour to read all of this.

There where this people that believed in the acient god of phonix. when phonix gave them the power of rebirth it all went down the garbage can. Humans were not to be able to be imortal and phonix was captured. The worriors of phonix missions are to recover the phonix and retrev there inner power the only problem is that the have to face the great god of death himself odin and his mighty blade. If they can not make it in time the Phonix will be tossed into the ablivion.

You may chosse your own weopons as long as they don't revole around any other game or series
PM with your information and I will put up a sign up sheet
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I can count at least 20-25 grammatical and spelling errors in that "Tremendously big plot post". I may not be a great or even good RPGer, but here are few tips on starting a good RPG...

1: Learn to spell properly
2: Learn to use grammar
3: Post enough story so people will be at least a little interested in your RPG
4: Take a look at some other peoples RPGs to get the idea of how to lay things out, story, sign-up, ect...

Now I?m not trying to insult you, or be mean to you. But try to spend a bit of time working on these "RPGs" of yours, to make then seem a tad more interesting.
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