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Writing Can Someone make me a poem?

Guest BlitzAce

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Guest BlitzAce
Can someone make me a poem, like about a fight between swordsman. A sword and gun fight stuff like that. Thx.
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Drip, Drip
The Sweat rolls
from my face
The heat from
steel against steel
blade against blade
will against will.
Thrust and Pary
Pary and thrust
Fire Stone
Fire Stone
it is all instinctual
Drip, Drip
The sweat rolls
from his face
man against man
man against mountain
man against nature
Thrust and Pary
Pary and Thrust
Fire Stone
Fire Stone
his fear is instinctual
Drip, Drip
The Blood rolls
from his head
flesh against steel
life against death
spirit aginst oblivion
no Pary no trust
no thrust no Pary
no Fire Stone
just a shoulder thrust
his death is instinctual[/color]
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[COLOR=seagreen]Eyes pulsing with energy,
Body soaked in darker blood,
I weild my blade,
Ducking the singing of bullets and sash.

Don't try to ignore me,
I am still here,
A annoyance and a vengance,
To make you fustrated......

More later...[/COLOR]
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[COLOR=indigo]Theres rain in stories,
there are people in a war,
there is a thing that I hate,
and it won't happen anymore.

fell own
to the floor,
like it didn't matter anymore,.

there are wars,
there are fights,
but there is nothing,
as knights.

They spin they fly,
they slash,
people die,
then I cry.

I still feel cold,
I still feel cold,
I hurt,
I ache
but I don't give up.[/COLOR]
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Guest BlitzAce
Sweet...Thanx guys, Yeah I don't care as long as it has blood and swords and stuff like that. ^.^ I'm evil aren't I? One thing I remembered is that I wanted one with lke A sword fight between two people like the clashing of swords..then the ever fateful death, and the victorious champion.
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