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RPG Legend of Dragoon(start)


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The day is foggy and grey.Kain sits wondering on a rock.

Kain-*thinking*Something isn't right.....the air is heavy.

But soon there are sudden jolts that send him flying off his rock.He trys to stand up but then a green creature.....no a dragon stampedes from out of the trees.

Kain-What the!!

The dragon attacks with its tail,arms,and fangs.Kain fights off the attacks but is forced to run before he is mutilated.He runs faster and faster with the dragon right behind him he has to jump over falling trees and slide through rivers.He soon runs up to the edge of a dirt road and is pulled behind a rock by a mysterious woman.


The woman cuts him off and tells him to be quiet.
Someone else go now.
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[QUOTE][i]Originally posted by safer cloud [/i]
[B]Someone post. [/B][/QUOTE][COLOR=royalblue]Do NOT double post again. This is a friendly warning before I summon Bahamut to bite your manhood off.
[COLOR=seagreen][i]Rena looked at the man she had just rescued and shook her head, looking skyward for asistance.[/i]

Kain: Hi......I'm......Kain. Who are you?

Rena: Rena Gerclaw. Cross me and you'll need a new head. Thank me and I might have to kiss you.

Kain: Woah.....Thanks alot!

Rena: Sike! :haha:[/COLOR]
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Why ya gotta be so cruel Raiha?!?I thought you signed up as Valeigh.....
The dragon walks away and Kain and Rena stand up.

Kain-I have to go now.You wanna come?


Kain-To my village.

Rena-What've I got to lose...

Kain and Rena walk down a dirt road leading to a burnt down vilage.

Kain-W-w-what happened.

Rena-Looks like it got burnt down..

Kain heads into the village to confront a soldier harrasing a villager.

Kain-Leave him alone!

Soldier-Whatcha gonna do if I don't?

Kain-Let me show you.

Kain brings out his broad sword and slashes the soldier's stomach open.The sword goes straight through the armor.
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[COLOR=royalblue]Sorry, I'll kiss and make UP with Kain.........and I decided to use a newer character,.............no biggie.
[COLOR=seagreen][i]Kain sheathed his sword and was immediatly whirled around by Rena, who kissed him roughly.....biting his lip before she drew back.[/i]

Rena: You owe me.......and I never forget.

Kain: *gasping for air* Yeah.....no problem.......

Rena: *looks around* *cough* Burning animal flesh....[/COLOR]
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After getting his breath back he kneels down next to the beatin man.

Kain-You alright?

Man-Kain?That you?

Kain-Yeah.I'm here.What happened?

Man-They came and burned everythi*cough*

The man dies and Kain slumps down next to him.

Kain-I......should have been here.......should have stayed........

Rena-We got company....

Kain-Stand back.I'll...handle this......my fight....not yours...

Rena-But it's like 12 to 1.


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OOC: lol, looks like Raiha found a new friend

*ducks a swing*


*Athen watches the two new ones in the burnt out husk that was a village. Slowly he walks forward followed by his men, part of a remaining mercenary force sent there*

Athen: what business do you have here?

Kain: :flaming: you. .you were the ones that did this?

Athen: *smirks* so what if I am? it is my life, I am paid to remove such blights on the face of this land

*Kain roars a battle cry in anger and rushes at Athen. One of the men in Athens group step forward, but Athen stops him and faces Kain*

Kain: you and your demons are the blights of this land *he slashes at Athen with his sword, but anger blinds him and misses*

Athen: you have not of the full story. do not act in anger


*Athen smashes Kain into the ground but puts out his hand to help him up. But he forgot Rena. .and she had already started killing the rest of the scout party. .all were dead and Athen found himself with a daggar to his throat*

Rena: explain well and fast why you did this. .or I may have to insert metal into your neck:demon:

Athen: *slowly moves the daggar away from his neck and urns and faces them* well done. .I hope you are both happy. .this village had been already taken by a group of thieves not an hour ago. My group was sent to this village for reconaisance, and were attacked by the thieves. We numbered 50 and only 12 survived. The village was destroyed in combat and its inhabitants also.

*Rena and Kain both look at him, but wary*

Athen: *continues* We remained to clean out the rest. .and we were almost fine. .until you showed up and killed my remaining companions. .

Kain: What did you expect?
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Kain-Where are these thieves?

Athen-Their hideout is west of here.

Kain-That's where i'm going...you both are welcome to come but don't try to stop me.

Rena-I'll go....I just want to see some action.

Athen-It's what i'm getting paid for.

Kain-It's settled then.But first we will find any survivors,burry your men and the people of my village if they are dead,we leave first thing in the morning.

Athen-Let's get to it....
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I'll introduce him for ya...i guess.
Kain,Athen,and Rena walk looking for villagers when someone comes out of a burned down house.

???-Who's there!?

Kain-Zylik.....that you?

Zylik-Kain?Long time no see!

Kain-You know what happened here?

Zylik-Thieves......they came and robbed everyone then burned everything down.

Rena-How many people were hurt?

Zylik-Everyone....most fled and most of them were killed.

Athen-I guess there isn't much to do then...

Kain looks at the burned houses and sits down on a half burned oak tree.

Kain-Change of plans....we leave tonight.You comin Zylik?

Zylik-Of course this is my village to Kain.
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[COLOR=royalblue][i]Rena sheathed her blade and looked around............she could almost feel her tail twitching behind her and sighed deeply. Kain looked over at her, confused.[/i]

Athen: Something wrong?

Rena: I.........used to be a metamorph.....when night falls, I can almost feel my tail.......and my ears.......and my fangs......but now...

Kain: What animal?

Rena: One of the mountain lions of the north. A few years ago, I was bitten, then raised as a child of the pumas. I came south to avoid both my human and wild family.......[/COLOR]
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It suddenly begins to rain.

The four of them hear fotsteps.

Kain:Who's there?! Show youself!

The footsteps come closer and closer. They hear a dog barking. Then a man steps out from behind a large rock. A dog close behing him.

Jake:Who are you? Why are you here?

Kain:I am Kain. That is Rena, Athens, and Zylik. Who are you?

Jake: I am Jake. This is my dog, bandit. What are you doing here?

Kain: We are on a journey to find some thieves that burned our village.

Jake: I am also looking for an enemy. Would you mind if I joined you?

Kain:Not at all. Do you have a weapon to defend your self?

Jake: Don't worry (pulls out twin hydra) I've got this. My dog is also trained to fight. I wiull be fine.

Kain:Ok then. You can come.
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As night breaks Kain and the rest of the party stand.

Kain-You sure you want to come with me?


Kain-Alright...let's head out.

They finally reach a small tower.

Kain-Me and Rena enter through the front.The rest of you find a way through the back...clear?

All-Let's do it.
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[COLOR=royalblue]Rena: *pushes Kain aside* Let a proffessional handle this.....

Kain: Huh? Oh......

[i]The puma ripped off her jacket and outer tunic, then she quickly walked up to both guards.......[/i]

NPG [non playable guard]: Pass?

Rena: ;) Must I?

NPG #1+ #2: Umm......:blush: damn, well....

[i]While they stuttered for words, Rena leapt upwards, kicking the first full in the face, then flipped forward, landing on the other's shoulders......ripping flesh open with her sword....[/i]

Kain: What a woman...

Rena: Okay Kain![/COLOR]
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[i] Athen walked briskly around the back and tapped a guard on the shoulder[/i]

NPG: what? *draws his sword*

Athen: *moves his cloak, revealing the kings insignia, and the others come and stand behind him*

NPG: :wow: *he turns to call out for help, but his head had left his shoulders*
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Kain spots three more guards coming their way.Kain thrusts his sword out into the first one's head,the next he cuts the head off,but the third runs away.


Rena-I might have been scared of you too if i saw that....but you'd never do that to me right.

Kain-Never know....

Kain and Rena walk down a flight of stairs deeper into the theives hideout.

Kain-Don't you need some clothes?

Rena-.......i guess so....

Kain takes of his shirt and gives it to her and he just wears is armor.
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Two of the gaurds roll out a giant steel box. Inside of there were horrible roars, the box was dented with giant claw prints. Whatever was in there was very strong. :nervous: The man opened the cage and out came a large Beast.

Kain: What the hell is that?

::Then a mysterious figure came down::

Shiro: I can help.
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Did you even sign up?

The beast jumps out and heads straight for Kain.Kain jumps up taking his sword out in the air and jabs it into the beasts back.The beast falls stunned and badly wounded.

Kain-The bigger they are the harder they fall.

Shiro-Guess you didn't need my assistance.

Rena-Not really....

Kain-If you don't mind i'd like to get to the boss.......

Shiro-I know where he is!

Kain-Tell me now while i'm calm or I can search for him the hard way.If you don't cooperate your dead...

Shiro-I'll help!

Kain-Thought so...:naughty:
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[COLOR=royalblue]Rena: Kain! Behave! He's not the enemy!

Shiro: Yeah, what she said.

Kain: How do you know?

Rena: I can smell it.

Kain: Huh?

Rena: I already told you I was a metamorph! Let's go!

[i]He sheathed his sword, mumbling something about b*tchy women, then let Shiro guide them down several narrow passageways....[/i][/COLOR]
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OOC: bah, It seems I'm the only one left in my team o.O;;


[i] Athen sheathed his blade and sprinted through the thieves den, blade singing as it bit into flesh[/i]

Athen: where are they?

[i]Athen stops and looks around, sighs and waits for the thieves to come closer. His blade needed fresh blood to clean the old[/i]
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Kain walks silently behind Rena but rears off to a cell with a girl in it.

?????-Kain?That you!?!


Shana-Kain!How'd you get in here?Get me out of here!


Rena-Kain?What are you doing?

Kain-Someone from my village is in here...

Shiro-Hey guys come on!

Kain-Hold on!Stand balck Shana.

Kain rams the door with his shoulder putting all his wait into it.The door shakes but doesn't fall.Kain takes out his sword and cut an X into the door and kicks it down.

Shana-Thanks Kain.

Kain-Now get out of here and head to somewhere safe.

Shana-Like where?I don't even have a weapon to defend myself.

Kain gives her a bow and some arrows out of a barrel to their back.

Kain-Take this and head to the next town.


Kain-Now we can go.

Rena-What was that all about?

Shiro-I really don't care and don't want to know.

Rena-Wasn't talkin to you.:demon:


Kain-Just freinds since we were kids.
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yay I'm the comic relief.
da-da-da.:drunk: :babble: :excited: :butthead:

Shiro: Hellena castle is filled with many, baad motha'--
Rena:Shut yo' mouth!
Kain: He's just talking about Hellena.
Shiro: Anyway.... There are two guards gaurding the entrance...
Kain: Duh...
Shiro: They are armed...
Kain: Duh.....
Shiro: They are tough....
Shana: Duh.....
Shiro: And the head Guard Tibalt is there with a dozen of demons....
Rena: I could smell it...
Shiro: Yeah Duh, you're a metamorph.....
Rena: No, its something worse and its coming from you!
Shiro: Oh... Sorry, I had beans for breakfast.

::Everyone paces away from Shiro.::

Kain: So, how are we gonna' fight them?
Shiro: Well, probably, the same way you guys did to get in...
Kain: So we chop them up?
Rena: I guess so...
Shana: So brutal!
Kain: Eh.. How bout we device a stealthy and peaceful escape.
Shiro: Ahhh, so we are doing this for your girlfriend here....
Kain: wanna' die?
Shiro: Nope....
Rena: Then lets go then!
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The thieves come closer and closer. Athens has his sword ready.

Athens: Thats it, just a bit closer.

Athens jumps out and slashes at the thieves. He behaeds one and guts another. When he is finished, he sheathes his blade and beginss to move when he hears a noise behind him.


Athens turns around to find a thief pointing a bow at him. As the thief is about to shoot, he is bit in the leg by bandit


He turns around to have his head sliced off. Blood sprays all over athens.


Athens:I didn't need help. I would have gotten him

Jake: Oh well.Come on bandit.

They walk ahead and athens follows close behind.
Suddenly a thief jumps out and trips Jake. Jake pulls out the twin hydra but there is already a sword through the thiefs face.

Athens:Now we're even.

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[COLOR=royalblue][i]Rena growled slightly and felt the bile rising in the back of her throat. The reek of fresh blood was heavy in the air............it permeated the entire lower levels and stung Rena's eyes...[/i]

Kain: You okay?

Rena: I smell blood...............blood from the innocent......:demon:

Shiro: You're kidding.......There's no wa-

[i]Before he could finish his sentance, Rena Gerclaw shouted and her body's form rippled from girl to puma........She leapt across the hall and came down on top of a hapless gaurd, totally inprepared for a girl in demonic form to jump on top of him and rip his heart free from his chest.........[/i][/COLOR]
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