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Gaming FFIX and DBZ


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While playing FFIX I noticed a few similarities between it and Dragon Ball Z. Here they are:
1. Quina looks a lot like Buu's 1st form(both big, talk weird, and like to eat).
2. Zidane has a tail just like a Saiyan(sp?)
3. One item is called N-Kai Armlet(I think it stands for North Kai)

Have you noticed any other similarities?
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[color=red][size=3]Actually, I do beleive Queen Brahne would be the better choice for the Buu representative...lol.

Anyway, when you think about it, Aramet and that one girl are fairly reminescent of the Androids, ya know? And I guess Vivi could be a little bit like Chaotzu, but it's a long shot...[/color][/size]
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