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RPG Resident Evil: Return to Racoon City

Guest Red_Baron

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Guest Red_Baron
Name: Milliardo (Son of Ex-Umbrella Corp's Leader)
Age: 17
Race: Human
Job: Umbrella Corp. President
After watching his father be killed by his own creation, Milliardo took it upon himself to get revenge on the world for what they had done to cause it, thinking only about re-initiating the Nemisis Project and getting revenge on S.T.A.R.S, mainly on Jill Valentine, the one who had released Nemesis and left it with his father, due to it's pre-release, he was unable to control it. Planning a secret Coo to do down into the Hive, only the highest people in the Umbrella corp knowing of this, to keep outsiders from stopping the project to try and avenge his father.

Ok, there are plenty of places to start so anywhere you choose you can start, M'Kay? Scientist, guard, whatever. But you have to have one main character and you can play as the others when the time calls for it, but your main character will be said with a I, the others with a he or she.
14 years have passed since the incidents below Racoon City in the Hive, concerning a team of soliders and a psychopathic computer called Red Queen. Everyone thought it would lie in rest to never be recalled upon again, but, because of one man's desire to learn...everything will once again hang in the balance between the dead...and the living dead...
Far below Racoon City in the dormant Hive, drips of water can be heard thought the hallways, beheaded and burned corpses lying all around, almost everything in complete silence...but, that silence is quickly broke as one of the doors locks comes down, the door being kicked open, slamming against the wall with a loud bang as two soldiers in black uniforms with machine guns, come running out, one going partway down the straight path as the other goes down the left one, stopping as they swing their gun around, the first one looking back.
"Clear!" as he says that, 4 other soldiers run out, going down the side path as a man in a grey suit, (Milliardo) his shoes showing slight water damage, follows behind them though the water slowly as they approach the control console on the left side of the room, one of them placing a device on the keypad, punching something as it starts to decypher the lock code, two beeps heard as Milliardo walks up the a large door with several locks, over an inch thick with titanium locks and bolts. He turns his head, his short grey hair flowing a bit as he looks at them with his strange red eyes.
"Hurry it up already." As Milliardo says that, he quickly turns back around, several numerous beeps heard as the console flashes with five numbers on it, the solder reaching down and pressing a red button on it with his finger, the locks pulling back, steam coming from inside the chamber as the pressure releises, the door slowly opening as an evil smirk comes over the mans face, two solders coming up beside him, their guns pointed into the room as they go past him into the large dark hallway, going off the the sides as he steps in, over 100 lights inside the glass walls coming on, illuminating the hallway as he approaches the end, the one guard working on the computer as it beeps again, two Nacks slowly turning as the door opens to the inside, a dark greying chamber with 4 pillars in the middle with a type of hatch with a line though the middle, and in the middle a circle of which the line follows the outside. He steps in as the 4 soldiers run into the room after him, securing the premises as they all nod, one of them walking up to a keypad on the one pillar, entering a key combination as the seal opens up, a type of capsule rising up out of the floor, stopping partway, the red queen capsule. Two of the solders walk up to it as they lift some of the flooring up from the side, reveling a ladder going down as another soldier goes up to it, going around and going down it, stopping as he gets to the bottom, grabbing a flashlight from his belt, he flips it on, sticking it in his mouth as he starts to work with the wiring. The one solder back out at the control console looks up and leans over to look at them.
"We dont have much time, the monsters have breached the 4th defence system sir!"
"I dont care. Even if we have to sacrifice 5000 soldiers, i want this base back online."
As he says that, the one soldier below stops messing with the wires as a red light changes over to a green, snapping his fingers as he climbs back up, the two soldeirs placing the flooring back as the primary lights come back online thought the Hive, the capsule going back down as the cameras come back online.
"Sir, we have the connection from Tower One at the base of the Hive, all monsters are being lured to Dining Hall 2."
Milliardo turns around, walking out of the chamber as a type of engine can be heard starting and up and running.
"Good. Once they're trapped, seal the chamber and burn them."
"Yes sir." the soldier enters a few more keys as the other 4 follow inbehind Milliardo, the two doors sealing back shut as one of the soldiers looks at Milliardo, lowering his gun and following behind him.
"Sir...you know what happened here...the Nemesis Project and the soldier down after he tears off his belt, grabbing his gun as he's thrown, two other soldiers grabbing him by the shoulders, putting his arms behind him as he yells, trying them tightly as Milliardo turns, going though the door and down the hallway, back to the stairs.
"Take him to Lab 14...once the scientists arrive, start the testing."
"yes sir." The two guards pull the soldier up, carying him down the one pathway to the elevator, taking him up.
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Oh, how can I resist. You remind me of me when I first signed up here! :D

Name: 'Prince' Murakumo
Age: 27
Race: Human--Partially infected with the G-Virus
Job: Zombie Hunter.
Bio: After learning of the events at the Umbrella Mansion, Racoon city, and other places around the world concerning the Umbrella Viruses, Prince brought it upon himself to hunt the undead down, deciding it would be a nice change from the usual sort of mercenary work he was used to... Killing the living, killing the dead, it is all a game to him..

How does this start? Will you make a new topic or what?
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Name: Neo
Age: 23
Race: Human
Job: Head of security & tactical assults, Umbrella Corp.

Neo was appointed the job of head security at the age of 20, after he exelled in the areas, of tactical assualt, and reconnisence. He wears Tundra cargo pants and a black bulletproof under suite, he has a black jacket with a pattern of lines on the back and black army boots. He wears sunglasses fresh out of the Umbrella labs, with thermal imageing, night vision & enhanced zoom. He carries two custom Colt 45.'s with snakes carved on each barrel, with him at all times.
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Guest Red_Baron
Well, the monsters are sealed in Dining Room 2, at the top there's scientists coming in as well as more personell, theres security everywhere, as well as people up in the city, weather it be soldiers, civilians, survivors, etc. Need more? I can give you more specific locations if you need.
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[QUOTE][i]Originally posted by Red_Baron [/i]
[B]Well, the monsters are sealed in Dining Room 2, at the top there's scientists coming in as well as more personell, theres security everywhere, as well as people up in the city, weather it be soldiers, civilians, survivors, etc. Need more? I can give you more specific locations if you need. [/B][/QUOTE]

Ahhh... i suggest you wait a day or two, for some people to join, then you make a new topic, with the same title, to play the actual RPG on. That way you can wait and get some more members. Just a thought.

But if you want to start now, i'm ok with that.
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