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RPG Tenchu: Stealth Assassins


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[i]Four guards slowly walk up and down the rough mountain pass, looking left to right, for any sign of activity. Each wielding a long Katana, and body plating. Two guards stop and begin to converse, talking in Japanese about the surrounding terrain, and the recognisance teams stationed on them. The guards finish their conversation and head back to the main post, further up the hill, to report on the hour?s events.

A lone figure slowly creeps up the tall hill opposite the main post; he stops next to a bare grey rock, and looks out into the darkness. He sees two guards, each straining their eyes and looking towards him. He swiftly sweeps across the hillside and down into the pass, avoiding the view of the guards.

Two more guards walk down the hill, towards the other two, away from the lookout post, they pass the other two with a simple nod of the head and continue down the hill, down towards the pass...

The dark shadow sees the guards approaching him, he stands up and flips over a rock and hides behind it. They guards get to the bottom of the hill and one goes either way, there are doing a complete sweep of the surrounding area. The dark figure slips into the shadows and glides across the grassy hill with little noise at all. He flips down into the pass and approaches the guard, the guard continues walking in the opposite direction scanning the terrain for signs of movement, he stops, and the dark figure makes his move, he slips out of the shadows and comes up behind the guard, he draws one of his swords and grabs the guards mouth, the proceeded to slit his thought. The guard silently falls to the ground; the figure takes his limp body, and drags it into the bush. He then slips back into the shadows, and begins to make his way back up the hill...

The second guard rounds the corner, expecting to see his fellow guard waiting for him with an 'all clear' command. But instead he sees nothing, just the same bushy hills and rocky passes. The guard cautiously approaches the spot where the second guard should be, he stops as he hears the familiar 'plop' of a shoe standing in liquid, he looks down and sees a pool of blood. He draws his Katana and dashes up the hill to alert the other two guards.

The dark figure once again creeps along the side of the mountain pass, he stops half way up and lies on the rough grass, crawling towards the edge of the hill, he looks down into the pass and sees four lanterns illuminating the main post, and the surrounding area. He sees two guards walking up and down the path, looking fairly bored, as it is long into the night. The figure slides half way down the hillside and stops on a ledge, he draws four throwing stars and crouches down.

The guard comes sprinting up the hill in the direction of the glowing lanterns, as he approaches the light, they suddenly disappear, one-by-one, the guard hears a slashing sound and some screams of his fellow guards, he raises his Katana in the air, and charges up the hill, he rounds the corner and runs directly into he blade of an oncoming sword, slicing his head clean off and rolling down the hill?

Then there is silence, and a gust of wind as the dark figure sweeps up the hill and into the building above the post.

The figure opens two large doors, and is greeted by beaming light coming from lanterns in the corridor, a corridor with great woodcarvings all the way down each side, leading to two more great doors. The man removes his bandanna, and walks down the great hallway, and opens the large doors. Inside sits a man in a chair and a guard either side of him?[/I]

????: So? Ani? you have found me, but? you will not live to tell of it?
Kantashi: Well Jasan, it appears that your guards won?t be doing much to help you?
Jasan: What!? All of them? well? it is lucky I have a little something for you Ani? Murukmo!

[I]A man dressed in black flips down the roof, wielding a Katana and wearing golden body plating?[/i]

Ani: You know Murukmo will never be a match for me Jasan?
Jasan: Enough, Murukmo!! Attack!!

[I]Murukmo runs at Ani as he draws his Katana, while Jasan makes a hasty entrance. Ani draws his two short Katanas and flips over Murukmo, as he is running under him, Ain lands behind Murukmo, and without even looking behind drives a Katana through each of his Kidneys, killing him instantly?

Ani stands up, and walks to where Jasan was sitting, before he fled, he sees what he is looking for, a letter, addressed to Jasanomo, Jasan?s father, detailing the attack on the forces of Ani, the attack that plans to bring down Ani?s empire, the plans that Ani came here to get himself? Ani now only has one option, to wage war on the forces of Jasan & Jasanomo, to keep his own empires pride?[/I]

You can join as a Ninja of the Ani empire, or, if you wish, a Ninja of the Jasan empire. Here is the sign-up sheet....

Name: (Gee, i wonder)
Age: (Gee, i wonder)
Alliance: (What side your on)
Physical description: (What you look like, height, weight, cloths, ect...
Personality: (Your mental attributes)
Weapons: (What you kill people with:-P)

Here is my sign-up:

Name: Ani (No other names known)
Age: 37
Alliance: Ani Empire
Physical description: (see picture)
Personality: The founder of the Ani empire, is a experienced fighter, and natural leader. He has many troops under his command, but he prefers do the fighting himself.
Weapons: Two short Katanas
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