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RPG The Trading Banner Game


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Ok Im not sure if this will work but I have taken some time to think somthing out, ok maybe just about 30 seconds to think it out but I thought it might be fun for all of you.......


The name says it all, come into this thread with a handy banner in hand. And trade! First you will bring all of your banners in and post them here. Then everybody will rate you banner 1-10! Then, you can trade your banner with someone who has the same rated Banner, or a lower rated banner. For example. I bring in a banner, you vote it and i get a 7. Then final flash gets a 7 also, and last but not least, raiha gets a 5. I can either trade my banner with flash's whos is equal to mine, or to raihas which is lower than mine. either way we exchange banners.

note: Even though you have it saved onto your computer, you will just add it to your collection, you cannot make copies therefor 2 of the same banner is useless.

This is all i have thought out so far and if anyone who participates has any ideas that could help me out and make this rpg easier, please notify me.
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Hmmm... Krillen, I'm not so sure this is such a great idea. But seeing as you mentioned me and I got a 7, I'll let you keep it up.. ;)

But seriously though, I wonder if you'll get that many members, the intructions seem a little hazy... Oh well. If this develops into spam or anything.. (I have [i]that[/i] feeling... :shifty:) Then I'll just have to close it. But for now, it's alright.
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