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Writing Pokemon:The deep qeustion:Do i still like it


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Its been 2 yrs since Ash Ketchum had left pallet town and is pondering under the stars asking a deep qeustion, "Do I want to stop with this Pokemon thing". Mean while teamrocket(Of course)
and as they started their evil plan Ash had uncovered them and had told them"Stop trying guys you will of course lose".They had replied "you know what little kid we try very hard and you guys do is always think its us when something goes wrong its always us us us well we've had it GOODBYE!".Ash had then felt something on his leg, its was pikachu with angelic face saying"Ash are you still going to catch Pokemon?" Ash had replied"I may not pikachu,if only i had inspiration to even pick up a Pokeball".The next morning Misty and Brock had met Ash at the
GoldenRod City Gym where as he had walked by he saw Gary flashing his badges and his pokemon like he owned the place Ash had become so furious that he finally remembered why he wanted to become a Pokemong trainer.It was to follow his dreams and beat Gary.He tapped Pikachu and said"Pikachu my answer to that deep qeustion is no I won't stop".
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Guest cloricus
I don?t know if its what Raiha said but have a space between who it is talking and them saying things. You should add more to it - it could be interesting.
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