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A while ago, I used to play with my music software on a regular basis, creating little peices of music, some of which were pretty good, some of which were awful.. after looking through the files, I found these two, which I think are both pretty good, though they are very mellow and simple.. if you listen you'll see what I mean, but first I'll warn you: These are Midi Files, not MP3s, so how good they sound all depends on the midi driver in your sound card. also.. one of them, I forget which, has two different versions, because the original varied too much in volume, there are quiet bits and loud bits. In the second version of that one, the volume of the notes is kept all the same so you can hear them easier... but anyway, as I say, they may sound terrible if your midi driver isn't that good, or if it has really strange sounds for the instruments....

Anyway.. what do you think? (I don't think there's any problem putting this here, after all, it's certainly not illegal music files, cos I made them ;) )
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[QUOTE][i]Originally posted by Amphion [/i]
[B]Man thats some great work. I really enjoyed them. You need to do some more. BTW* what program did you use to make them, I ant to try it out. [/B][/QUOTE]

Hey people, I'm back... for a few hours.. then back to the 4 week break...

um... I hope I'm not gonna get in trouble for bringing back such an old topic..

anyway... the program I used is Midisoft Studio 4 for windows. you can find it on most search engines, I think. It's extremely easy to use. Unlike most midi programs, where you really need a keyboard to do anything good, (or any other musical instrument with MIDI interface) in Studio 4 you can input the notes on a sheet music style script. Of course, you do have to know a bit about music for it to sound decent.... my first attempts were appaling, but I gradually learned.

[quote][i]Originally posted by The Elite DBZ[/i]Nice work. Although I have to say, that is one heck of a compression on those files for them to be that long.[/quote]

Not really. Midi files are tiny compared to WAV files, and even MP3's. The biggest midi file I've ever made is about 100K, and that was about double the length, there were a lot more tracks, and alot more notes on each track. The reason for the size is that WAVs and MP3s write the sound data as a waveform, a lot of peaks and troughs, like a sound wave. But midi files are just a lot of data about individual notes, just their position in the peice, their volume, and a few other 'controllers'. The computer itself, or the external midi device (ie a keyboard) knows what each note sounds like, so it plays each note that the midi files tells it to.. which is why they don't sound as good on old computers with not-so good midi drivers.
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