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RPG Dragon ball Z,the return of the evil (sign up)

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the story: one day when the Z fighters are training and all of the dead Z fighters are come back to life even Ubuu and good buu. An egg was on the desert floor and it was Cell with evil buu and freiza inside of it. a birth to evil. its up to the new and old Z Fighter to destroy the evil once again.

now you have to start at normal. not SSJ right away. just make your fighter go train for 1 earth day at the room of time and sprit. you have to have:

weapon ( if have one ):
and bio

pictures are for appearance. any dead or still alive of Z character exist and its present. so its like during Android 18 and krillin get marraid or something ok????all power levels is 500. but if training in the room of time and sprit you get 1,500. then if you do it again then it would be 2,000 but longer time period. you can do anything you want in this story. but if you are going to use a ray gun on your self to go to golden oozaru or go to SSJ4 then you have to wait intil somebody go to SSJ4. the power level to go to SSJ is 10,000. then if go to SSJ2 is 20,000,SSJ3 30,000. and SSJ4 50,000.

personality: always training
Appearance:Blue GI, orange under shirt,black boot.
Bio: his parents is unkown.taken care on the planet namyc even though he is a sayain.Then when he is 17 he came to earth. He trains with Piccolo. Then right now after training with Piccolo his current trainer is Goku.
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personality:nice but don't get me angry you won't like it

appearance:black jeans,gray shirt,black boots, tall, average weight

weapon:laser sword

bio:born on a planet deep in space ,parents dead,came to earth when 16,trains with vegeta now trains by himself
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Personality:Likes to Make friends and to train.
Looks:Looks just like Trunks('cept for the hair)
Weapon:Trunks Sword
Bio:After her Father Trunks died. She took her fathers blade. When he came back to life. He said she could keep it. They train together 24 hours a day, straight.
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