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Writing Heartfelt


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[COLOR=purple]I've posted this once before way back when I was a newbie and James made a poetry thread. Thus said.. sorry if anything contradicts itself.

Blood Runs Deeper
Her body shakes in the seat,
I can't help but be filled with anger,
My blood cousin, and heart sister in tears,
Blood slips down her face,
From a cut made in rage and anger,

Eternal damnation upon his soul,
How dare he,
No matter,
He will pay for what he has done,
But it won't be at my hand,

I will rise above,
We will rise above,
Blood cousins,
Heart sisters,
We will help each other through thick and thin,
For blood runs deeper

Okay, pretty much, it's about my cousin who I love deeply. She has never been in an
abusive relation ship, but these would be my thoughts if she was. It's about the feelings
after rescuing my cousin who is like a sister after she has been beaten, and how we will
rise above it together. We know he'll pay, but take comfort in the fact that we won't
piunish him b/c we are better.

I came up with these off the top of my head b/c I never write down poetry. I really should.
Oh well *copies and pastes* [/COLOR]
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