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A message from Lt. McClery...


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[color=red][size=]I'm pretty sure I've screwed up this guys name, so if someone knows please tell me.

We just had an ex-marine named Lt. McClery come talk to our school. He served 5 tours(years) in Vietnam. During his last tour, he and another soldier were caught in a bomb blast. The other soldier was killed. McClery lost his right eye, right arm just above the elbow, and his left hand was mangled and disfigured.

He is a very good man, and shares his message to schools nationwide (He even told us about his drug problem as a child: His dad drug him to school, drug him to practice, drug him to work...you get the picture.). He is a very wise man, and I would suggest you listen to him. He would have been an athelete, but the war came around and he chose to fight for the country he so dearly loved instead.

Let me warn you first off. He is a little corny at times, but he brought up some good points I've stressed several times: if something hurts in the past, he follows his acronym F.I.DO.: Forget it and drive on (acronyms like that are why I say he can be a little corny).

This man is one of the last true heroes alive in our world. If you ever get the chance to hear him speak, I would highly recommend you listen to him.

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