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Writing otaku poetry


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HELLO! This is Akira Tsukiyomi.
:: who?? people say ::
well, it seems evident that many of you have NOT come to Otaku Poetry.com, so I'll tell you. I currently run OtakuPoetry.com for Adam-san, and I am pleased that many have returned to make that site great once again. . ..
but it could still be better. PLEASE SEND IN YOUR POETRY! There is already a good deal of poetry in there, so VOTE for, what you think, should be the poetry of the month! A great deal of poets have already entered, so VOTE for whom you think should become the POET of the month!
I don't think that I'm asking too much, since most of you are dedicated otaku already. I've read a great many poems here, and they all deserve to be on the Otaku Poetry website. So please, please submit.
Akira Tsukiyomi
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[B][COLOR=royalblue]You can use tons of my poetry. Just go to todays poems and use them. Here I even made a new one:

I love my Family,
They are dear,
They are mine,
We all are free.

They know I care,
They love me,
I love them,
We are a happy family.

I love them,

We are free,
Free as a bird,
We can Fly,
Fly as we please.

That is my latest one. You can use any I don't care. I would defently use Raihia's but if you want to use mine feel free to. Man I want to work for Otakupoetry.com. Well I'll find out if I do.[/COLOR] [/B]
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