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RPG Gundam Fightas


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Ok, This is a Gundam RPG,duh:rolleyes: :D
Join a Bio Like this to join
Bio:she was quite young when she found Deathsythe. It was in storage. She learned to use it well, She is planning to make it DeathsyteH.
Looks:Wears a White Vest, Black shirt, and Khakies
Personality:Likes to have fun and make jokes(juuuuust like Duo)
Have fun!:D
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Hi Again

Name: Quatre
Age: 19
Gundam's: pilots 2 gundams Sandrock & Heavyarms custom
Bio: Quatre just older & pilots Heavy arms custom trowa gave him it he profers to fight in heavyarms custom against mobile dowls
Looks: Quatre just older
personaloty: Adult Quatre


ChibiTerriermon is Duo your fav Piolt
Duo then Quatre Arm my faves
my 2 fav gundams are 1)Heavyarms 2)Heavyarms custom
see you soon
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