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RPG Total Annihilation: The Battle Never Ends [Sign-Up]


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After millions of years, the Core and Arm have destroyed and captured many planets and all but decimated the resources of the galaxies caught in their rage.
But the war is tied. One half of the galaxy is owned by the Core as th other is owned by the Arm. Both Commanders have perished in the struggle for power, leaving all units on their own to destroy the other team.
But on both teams, something new has come in their plans for annihilation...Both teams have created an "Exteme K-Bot Lab". Upon the starting of constuction, new units came out. 10 Core commanders and 10 Arm commanders. All need someone to work them, a programmer.
Here it is, you must now choose:

Team: Core/Arm

Commander's Name:

Metel: 1,000,000,000 (Infinite)
Energy: 1,000,000,000 (Infinite)

Your starting 5 Units...Choose wisely

At the moment, we are on a planet called Metal Ocean, all units are allowed.

If there are any other questions, you may ask them here.
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