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In the year of 2389, there held a tournament. The fighters in this tournament could only use weapons. It was broodle and violent last year they tried it, a lot of people got injured bad. But a lot of people left being such great warriors. They started to sign the people up for the next tournament.
" The next tournament will start here soon," Said the announcer.
I need your:

How long you have been fighting:
Weapon(s):(You can only have weapons)

Name: Thrasher Slarer
Age: 22
Personality: Sort, skinny, and just has his sowrd.
How long you have been fighting: 12 years
Weapon(s): Sowrd
Bio: He lived all by himself, he is on a journey to become a warrior.
Race: Human
Rules: No low blo's. No killing your apponet. You can only fight 1 person at a time. Time length 10 days to finish the battle.

The battles will go like this:

Say what you are going to chose
Say if you are going to use Wht/blk magic.
Say attack
And tell how many hits it is going to be95 hits is the limit)
and where
I will chose the refs later. Let's get it on!
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Name: Meco
Age: 200
Personality:Funny, cool, nice (i'm just saying that), and an experienced swordswoman.
How long you have been fighting: 196 years.
Weapon:sword, enery blasts(Hands), shilds, laser flash,(Gun) a dager, freeze ray. (No matter what, there can NEVER get out of it!)
Bio: has been fighting for 196 years. Her father taught her at the age of 6.
Race: elf
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Name: the guyverfeind
Age: classified
Personality: cool(sometimes),very very very ANGRY!!!!!
How long you have been fighting: nigh on 200 years
Weapon(s)high frequency blades protruding from forearms,laser(hidden in helmet)
Bio: the sun of the overfeind and a female guyver
Race: half breed (bio booster armour/makai)
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Name: Grim Reepe-X
Age: 267 Celik years (earth years = about 19)
Personality: Loner, No mercy, not friendly. Is a deadly person to see the minutes your alive.
How long : 137 Celik years (earth years = about 13 years) ............ (person to person....I was created with techniques and skills of 20 different fighting techniques and styles.
Weapons: Voice(Scream attack), teleconesis, mindreader, my robotic armored fully equipt suit, space fighter, And last but not least my multi_Reepe-x shaft
Bio: Never knew parents, never knew love, hate all, love none, reason of creation: to DESTROY
Race: unknown( as long as I could remember I was taking care of myself)

If you like my character keep me if not dish me out.
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