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Writing ICO FanFic


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I thought I'd put this in here. It was a project for my World Literature course...told to make "Magical Realism" stories for children...here's the rough draft version (rushed) and I'm currently working on the final draft which I'll finish later this month ;) Most of the elements are from ICO...compressed and abridged...a lot...



They took him. The day he drew his first breath, the nightmare started. Every thousand years, a boy with a tail is born in the village. Any misfortune that befalls on the village is blamed on him. If a crop fails or someone gets sick, he is the one to be blamed. Everyone wishes for the day of his sacrifice and the return to good fortune.
For Chole that day was his sixteenth birthday. When his tail grew large, the villagers knew it was time. The elders would sacrifice him to keep the spirits from harming the village. In the morning, several horsemen with masks arrived and took Chole away. They seemed to have no faces and it frightened Chole. They rode deep into the forest and beyond. The journey ended at an ancient fortress ruin that stood crumbling against the harsh gray seas. The faceless horseman blindfolded Chole as they entered the desolate castle. From the corners of his eyes, he could see one of the horseman reach for his sword as they stopped. He held it up and Chole screamed out loud. He thought he would be killed then and there. The sunlight reflected off the sword, setting it on fire. The horseman held it high and they continued onward, going down many stairs. They continued to walk for a while when they finally stopped again and the faceless horseman finally removed the tight cloth from his eyes.
He saw a large room with rows and rows of horrifying crypts that seemed to laugh at him against the stone walls. The horseman raised up the sword, now calm, and pointed its sharp edge at an open tomb, hungry for Chole?s soul.

?This is for the good of the village,? the faceless horseman said to Chole as he lifted up his small body, placed him into the crypt and locked him inside the stone prison. They left him there, alone, cold, crying for help. For hours he did this, but to no avail and he finally fell asleep. As the last rays of the sun refused to enter the small crack in his stone prison, he also gave up as well.
A twist of fate granted him a short stay inside the stony tomb. A dream within a nightmare showed Chole a vision of a ghostly beauty that drove him to escape. She emerged from the shadows and took form inside a cage high atop one of the castle?s towers. He couldn?t explain it, but, as she emerged from the darkness, she had a name. Iris and she looked at Chole and smiled.
When he awoke, it was day, and he was in the center of the cold tombs. Chole stood up and looked back at this stone prison, which lay in shambles. He was free. He looked around and saw the set of stairs where he came from the night before. Not bothering to check the other crypts, he made a run for the door, which also beckoned to him. Chole crossed it, breathing hard.

[b]Spider Wraith[/b]

Chole entered the next room, which was completely different from the large chamber he was in before. Though the room was much smaller, he looked to his right and noticed a spiral staircase that led to the top of what seemed to him like a huge tower. He took the first step and began to climb. As he climbed, he quickened up his pace, breathing heavily as his footsteps echoed throughout the tower. After a few minutes, he started to get tired and started remembering the dream he had of the girl trapped in a cage high atop a tower. He looked up and noticed the metal wires of that very same cage. The sight of that forced Chole to wake up and pick up his pace. More curious than ever, the time he got to the top of the staircase, he looked inside the cage and found no one inside. Disappointed and sad that he was only dreaming, he started to cry again, leaning his back toward the stone block wall. It was a silent cry so that none of the soldiers guarding outside would hear him, if there were anyone left. He heard someone else crying, further up the tower. He looked up and he saw her, her tears sparkling in the sun?s morning glow. The rays of light seemed to go right through her as she lay there, also crying. Her dress and light hair flowed around her. Chole called out, ?Is anybody there? Who are you? What are you doing there?? He looked above him. ?Hold on.? The girl stopped crying stood up and just stared at him, her blue eyes seemed purple, looking into his soul for nay trace of a good heart. Chole looked around and saw a small doorway, leading out of the tower. He rolled his eyes and ran upstairs to meet her.

She stepped forwards slowly, looking around the room as Chole did and spoke in a foreign language. ?Hi, who are you??

?Were they trying to sacrifice you too?? Chole said back.

She pointed to herself. ?Iris,? she said. Chole?s dream was becoming more of a reality. They stared at each other before Chole finally spoke up.

?Chole,? he said, also pointing to himself.

Little did they know the sun shifted in the sky and changed the direction the light came in through the tower?s windows. The light no longer was on Iris and the wall in front of them. The shadow that the wall cast revealed a figure in the form of a spider, trying to grab hold of Iris as the sun kept moving. She screamed needing Chole?s help. He tried to grab hold of Iris, but he couldn?t, his arms passed right through her. The shadow moved closer, almost consuming Iris. Chole had to think fast. The exit was right there, but he couldn?t take her there. Instead, he reached out his hand, asking her to trust him.

?This is a really dangerous place. We should get out of here!? Chole said as he took her delicate hand and made a run for it upstairs. She trusted him, even though they knew each other for only a few moments. They were both scared, but not as frightened as when they were alone.

They finally reached the top and slowed down. Iris walked over to the door, still holding Chole?s hand and opened it with a small push. The facial expression of the door changed at the sight of her and it moved out of the way, faster, granting them passage.

?How did you do that?? Chole asked her but she couldn?t understand. Chole looked back and noticed that the shadowy figures were no longer following them.

?Shadow Wraith,? Iris said to Chole, the name of the creatures they saw.
Chole nodded and took her hand once again, leading her out of the tower, little did they know, Iris? mother was watching very closely.

[b]Fear of Falling[/b]

The fear of eternal confinement gave way to Chole?s fear of falling. Coming out of the tower, they found themselves standing on an old stone bridge that seemed to be very dangerous crossing it. Chole and Iris each took a step forward, feeling the bridge bend to their weight. Even though they were very light, the old bridge was still dangerous with the waters beckoning to them. As they reached the center, the part of the bridge they were on cracked and crumbled, forcing Chole and Iris to leap and run forward to the end of the bridge before it collapsed. They made it across, running in to the next tower. They were both shocked and tired and noticed a couch right next to the entrance, one of the very few items of furniture that was left in the castle. They both sat down, breathing hard, and holding each other?s hands as a bright light engulfed them, making both of them sleep. They both awake to a brightly lit room, which was in much better condition than the other one they were in. There were no stairs this time, but a long path, littered with torches on the walls. The way seemed long, but it was wide and calm. They seemed to be on the safe side for now. They held hands again and headed towards the light as the end, which seemed to be the exit of the tower. Once they got out, a huge wall of wind overwhelmed them and sent both of them to the floor. Chole recovered his senses and got back up. The wind did not overwhelm him as much anymore and he was able to help Iris up without much effort, standing up against the force of the wall and the howls around the castle?s walls. They walked around the outer platform and discovered another set of stone stairs, leading upwards. As they climbed up, Chole was even more terrified of the wind knocking him off into the waters below. But Iris held his hand tightly and smiled. That kept both of them safe until they reached the top. They looked out and realized this was the highest point in the ancient fortress. Chole could see everything, including the bridge that broke down on them earlier. But what really caught his eye was the front of the castle, not too far off from where they were now. Somehow, he had to get there, somehow, they both had to overcome their fears, especially now that a ladder, leading downward, stood in their way. Fortunately, the wind was dying down. Chole led the way down, going first. Iris was still a little scared, but she made it was well. For the first time, Chole noticed that Iris had no shoes on her feet, but her feet and hands were still smooth and white as fresh snow, warm to the touch. He felt bad that he made her go with him around the castle, but it seemed that she was enjoying it and she really wanted to get out of the castle with him.

As Iris joined Chole?s side again, a cart was waiting by their side. He helped her up and pushed forward on the switch, making it go forward suddenly. The cart went around the castle, going in the direction Chole and Iris wanted it to go, towards the entrance of the castle where they could easily get away. Iris got scared when she looked down at the waters below them and sat down, holding on to Chole?s leg. Strange enough, her arms didn?t go through him when she held tightly. The height didn?t affect Chole as much as he felt her fear. He needed to be strong for her to get through. The touch of her hands gave Chole the strength, he needed the glow around her, and it surrounding him, staying as they rode to the next tower. The rails ended by the flat circle roof. Chole helped Iris off the cart and they started to explore. Both were very happy to find a set of stairs that led downward. They walked down at a normal pace and ended up in the castle?s courtyard.

[b]The Queen[/b]

The tower they climbed down seemed more like a giant stone statue in the shape of someone. But neither Chole nor Iris noticed it once they reached the middle of the courtyard. Both smiled at the beautiful garden, which was saved from ruin and age like the rest of the castle. They also smiled because they were almost free. They entrance to the castle stood right in front of them in the form of a large wooden bridge.

?The exit! Please take me with you!? Iris said happily in a small, quiet voice.

?The gate?s open!? Chole took her hand and started running. But they stopped.

One large obstacle stood in front of them. Soldiers. They were placed all over the castle?s entrance, motionless. Some were in the windows with bows and arrows and there were others walking around, looking for something, or someone.

A voice called out to them, ?So you?re the one who?s been leading my daughter aimlessly through the castle. Who do you think you are, white-tailed boy??

Chole looked behind him and noticed his tail trailing behind him. He didn?t notice it until now. It shone a dim white.
She walked out of the courtyard?s shadow covered wall partway, much like in Chole?s dream, but she seemed to have no body, no form.
Dressed in black, she was floating inside the shadows. ?This is my one and only daughter you?re holding hands with. If I were you, I?d leave this place and my beloved Iris as well!? She came closer and spoke to Iris in her own language. ?What are you doing hanging out with this boy of horns leave him and join with me!?

Chole had no idea what she said, but it made Iris really sad. ?What?s wrong?? He asked.

Iris didn?t move, only staring at her mother?s white face staring at both of them very harshly. Tears began to flow down her face.

Chole noticed the soldiers stood still, looking at the entire scene. Without thinking, he took Iris? hand and they made a run for the bridge. As soon as they passed the castle?s gates, they were both sure that the soldiers would come after them. But she left the two to escape. To flee, both of them, away from the stone prison. Even though the soldiers had their bows and arrows aimed at them. They didn?t fire. Instead, her mother came out of the shadows, revealing her dark dress, covering her white skin entirely. She just stood there, in front of the gates with her hands raised, telling the soldiers to stop. With her hand raised, she squeezed her gloved hand hard, causing the old bridge to creak and crackle. It started raining and the bridge swayed under Chole and Iris, putting fear into their hearts. Something made Chole turn around and go back, but Iris pulled in the other direction, towards the woods where their new life lay, away from captivity. That split second, their weight broke the part of the bridge they were on, falling into the waters below, their hands still held tightly. The Queen only turned around and walked back into the castle where she disappeared into the shadows once again. She had treated Iris badly and she no longer wanted to hurt her. Maybe, just maybe, Chole would be able to find her the happiness she truly wanted, if they survived the fall.

[b]Water and Wood[/b]

Chole awoke to the rain on the sandy beach not too far off from the castle?s island. He was soaked with water and wood planks poked at him from the sea. Somehow, he survived. But where was Iris? As he lay there, he began to cry, tears streamed down his face and were washed away with the rain. He missed her and he thought of all the terrible things that could have happened. He feared that he would never see her again. He got up from the wreckage and started walking around the white sand beach. Pieces of the wooden bridge were scattered and he tripped and fell on one of them when he called for Iris. He hurt himself again, landing on his head. Chole was dazed when he slowly got up again. That was when he saw her, lying there on the sand. Chole ran to Iris, who was lifeless in the water, and pulled her out. He pulled her out of the water using his arms and set her down further up the beach, near land. Iris no longer had the white glow around her or the flowing hair. She was normal, with cuts and bruises from the fall. Her eyes were closed. Chole looked behind him and noticed that his tail was no longer there but he focused his attention on the well being of Iris. She was breathing, but she couldn?t wake up, no matter how much Chole called out to her. He almost gave up hope and ran into the forest. But he stayed with her, holding her hand. As he held it, she started to move. Slowly, she woke up. Her eyes flickered open and she rose from the white sand. The rain stopped and the wind began to blow again, but much more gentle. Chole helped her up and they walked into the wooded area, hand in hand.[/color]
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