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TFY: Best experience ever


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[COLOR=blue]Recently I left to go to a church activity. Now I know what your thinking 'Please, no more religious nancy pancy topics,' but for once I am beeing sincere and speaking from my heart.

This activity was simply called TFY (Time for Youth) and was held at the Eight mile plains chapel (Brisbane). It was set up for the whole of Queensland, and some youth travelled for 26 hours from Cairns to get there.

I was apprehensive at first, being around so many people I didn't know (1200 approximately, all LDS) But everyone there was open and welcoming, I felt at home. There were non-members there that had been invited and they had a great time. The whole thing went for 3 days and we were billeted out to some great families.

Everyone there were volenteers, the councellers were young single adults that gave up they're time to be there and plan activities.

Most of the activities were team building ones and were fun, there were skits and songs. We could even order a $2 CD that had the music on it.

The best part was the last, we had a testimony meeting and bore witness to the gospel of Jesus Christ, all were apprehensive, but we felt the purity of the spirit and bore our testimony. Not a dry eye was in the pavillion. We all left with a full heart and new friends.

I just wanted to share that amazing experience with all you people out there:)[/COLOR]
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i know what you mean... one of my best experiences was youth camp when i was 14.

of course, this was before i experienced the true hypocrisy of the church, lol.

i think, though, that church or other religious places can be very positive as long as you ignore the stupid people.
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