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Writing descriptive passion, dont get too exited


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Didn't actually happen, just playing with adjectives and metaphores here, but it mirrors how I truly feel about you Harlequin... if you're reading this, my love...

(and if anyone has read more of my stuff, they might have made a connection between the charecter in this and in a few other things of mine...)



From her position in the humid darkness, he looked almost porcelain, with curving patterns of the muscular arms and legs entwined in her own, to form a convolute tangle of limbs that spoke of tranquil ardour. She lay in the shadow and drank in the feeling of protection created by his silent presence, although a sense of iniquity emanated from this magnificent creature she had entwined in her arms. To anyone else he would appear to be hers, but she knew that possession could never be applied to him, as he was as wild and untamed as he was indescribably beautiful. To watch this figure took her breath away, to lie here entwined with it was more than she could bear, almost. She didn't dare make a sound for fear of the sight dissolving. Her lips ached for his skin, but she couldn't bring herself to move.
There was a fluttering of movement, and his eyes opened to penetrate her own. Her breath caught in her throat, and a sudden stillness blanketed the air heavily. She felt her hand reach forward to take his own, careful not to break it. She did not know, as yet, what it was made of. The skin was velvety and white as bone where it intercepted the light. She lay her head on his chest and listened to the strong heartbeat. She could hear the vines growing through the cracks around her window. She shut her eyes and encircled his torso in her arms once more, silently thanking whoever cared to listen for the millionth time that night. She pictured the roseate crescent of his lips and obsidian eyes, through which a glimmer of the powerful and enigmatic mind could be seen. A tear ran down her cheek and fell on his skin, running off away from me and leaving a silver trail in the moonlight, and placing a delicate hand on her hair. She slid an arm across his chest and drew her head back to look at his face, and was blinded by his stunning beauty and overpowering presence. He saw the tears now streaming down her face and smiled. Pulling her down on top of him, he slid his tongue inside her and numbed her flesh with a kiss.

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