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RPG Yu-gi-oh cards tournament (sign up)

G/S/B Master

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well there going to be a tournament. the peoples in the tounament will be splited up into 4 division. the winner of each division will battle eachother.the final one standing will be the winner. and the winner will have to face me in a duel. if i win the winner won't duel me forever and the one who is defeated by the tounament winner duels me and repeat intil theres a winner. You can make up cards but make up cards must be lower then 2500 attacks points and defence. but no fake fusion.and unlimited of every cards. heres my cards:

faceless mage
eye of illusion
dark magician
flame swordsman
water mist
yellow tornado
Summouned skull
Red eyes black dragon
3 blue eyes white dragon
G of thunder
G of water
G of earth
5 pieces of exodia
swords and shield
axe rader
celtic warior
Kunai with chain
Gia the fiece knight
Curse of dragon
Faroh imp
unicorn horn
lyberyth tank
5 polithysm ( fusion card)
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Name: Zeonic (i know, its my only name i can think of, lol)

Deck, here i go:

Stone soldier
Dark Magicianx2
Guardian of wind
G of thunder
G of water
Magical Hats
Time Wizardx3
Red eyes black dragon
Keltic Swordsman
Giya the feirce knight
Cures of the dragon
FLaming Swordsman
Silver Fang
Shadow dragon, the thing right before the Red eyes black dragon were joey won the duel
revive the monsterx4
Change of heart
Copy Cat
Baby Dragon
salamanders sword
X defense
eye of illusionx4
Dragon Tamer
Dragon capture jar
Sword Stalker
Feral Imp
Kuni with chain.
elf swordsmen
FLying dragon, guard of the fortress
Hunger HUnger or whatever
Armor and firepower
unsummon the monsterx6
sheild and sword
Mystic elf
Black luster soldier
thats it for now
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