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Writing Majora's Mask (humor)

The Evil King

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This is based on Malora's Mask.

One day, Link, only 10 years old, was rideing on his horse, epona in some densce woods. He was looking for a friend...
LINK*to narrator*-I am not looking for a friend?
NAR.-Ummm, Helloooo, Navi the fairy!!! Duh!
LINK-I am only looking for her because she ripped me off! She stoll my Giant's Wallet, and the 500 rupees that were in it!
NAR.-Oh, sorry, back to story!
Link was just ridin, when two fairy's startled Links Horse. The Horse reared back, and link fell to the ground, uncontiouse.
LINK-I am not uncontiouse yet.
NAR-IDIOT! ACT you dope! Now the horse reared back and link fell to the ground UNCONTIOUSE!!! Then from nowhere a Skull Kid came out. He found Link's Ocarina and started to play with it.
TAEL-I want to play too!
TATLE-You can't! You might break it!
SKULL KID-Shut up, neither of you will use it!
Suddenly Link awoke. He tried to sneak up on the Skull Kid, but he was warned by his fairy's.
The Skull Kid jumped on Epona, and she started to gallop!
Link jumped at the horse, and grabbed for the reins> He...MISSED!
NAR.-Link, you were supposed to grab the reins!
LINK-sorry, but not everyone is blessed with the abbility to hang on to a speeding horse!
NAR.-we will just have to try again on the next part!
LINK-Part one is over?
NAR.-Yep, it is.
LINK-Good, because I gotta pee!
NAR.-Well then go, don't tell me about it!
LINK-Shut up!*leaves*

Will Link ever get onto his horse? Will this story ever start? Will I ever stop asking dumb questions? Find out on Part 2!

What did ya think?
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[color=indigo]LOL! That's pretty good! Keep up the good work![/color]

[quote][i]Originally posted by The Evil King[/i]
[b]NAR.-Well then go, don't tell me about it![/b][/quote]
[color=indigo]I thought this was the funniest part. I was laughing my head off, while reading this![/color]
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Magora's Mask part 2

Well, Link jumped at his horse, the one that the Skullkid was rideing. He tried to grab the reins but...MISSED!
LINK-What? it is too fast?
NAR.-I am going to KILL YOU!
LINK-Hey, I don't see YOU trying to grab the reins of a moveing horse!
NAR.-Just try again, you moron!
Link tried to grab the reins of epona. and...YES HE GOT IT!!!!!! The horse was running and turning all over the place. Link lost his grip, and was sent flying to the ground. He then saw the cave. He walked in and fellllllllllll.....a long ways down. He hit the ground with a sound of crunching bones. It turned out to be just a puddle of water with some grass groing that made the crunch.
He then moved forward. He saw the Skull Kid.

SKULL KID-Is this what you ae looking for?
LINK-MY Ocarina! Give it!
SKULL KID-For that, I will yurn you into a Deku!
LINK-COOL!!!! I have always wanted to be a deku!
SKULL KID-What? DANG IT! Okay than a frog!
LINK-Awesome, they are sooo cool!
LINK-Hmmm, can I be a bear? How about a keese?

What will link become? Will he get to be a keese? Will the skull kid go insane? Find out on the next part!

How did ya like part 2?
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[QUOTE][i]Originally posted by The Evil King [/i]
[B]How did ya like part 2? [/B][/QUOTE]
[color=indigo]It was just as screwed up as part 1. :laugh: Infact, I think it's even more screwed up! Maybe Link should be turned into a Pol's Voice? Then he could enjoy hopping all over the place, LOL.

By the way, you should get rid of the double post.[/color]
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Majora's Mask part 3

SKULL KID-If I make you something you want to be, it won't be a punnishement.
LINK-Why not?
SKULL KID-Because you will like it!
LINK-How about a Iron Knuckle?
SKULL KID-You will be a polls voice!
SKULL KID-yep!*casts spell*
LINK-I..I'm a polls voice!
The Skull Kid ran through a stone door and it closed, but Tatle wasn't able to keep up, and ended up with link. Alone. In the same room.
LINK-why you rotten little stupid uglt lt-
TATTLE-I'm sorry! Please don't hurt me! I was made to do it! Please don't hurt me! Please! Please! HEEEELLLLPPP!
LINK-Okay, just stick around. I am looking for Navi the Fairy. She stole 500 rupees from me!
TATTLE-Okay open the door, jackrabbit!
LINK-What did you just say? I may be a rabbit-looking creature, but I can still hurt you!

Link and Tattle went through the door. They came upon platforms. Link,being a polls voice, went through theplatforms and into the door. They came out and were stoooed my the Hapy Mask Salesman.(HMS)

HMS-please help me, curssed one!
LINK-Because I am a polls voice!
HMS-Okay listen to this song!*plays song of healing*
LINK-I have no Ocarina, moron.
HMS-well I will change you back when ya get one!
LINK-okay, deal!
Link walked through the double doors. He saw a city!
TATTLE-We only have days, moron, so move it!
LINK-you talkin ta me? are YOU talkin ta ME?
TATTLE-Darn skippy!
LINK-SHut up, or i'll put the sword to ya!
TATTLE-You cannot hold a sword, idiot! H AHA HA HA!

Will Link ever get the Ocarina back? Will he help the happy mask salesman? Who knows? Will I ever shut up? Only time will tell...

How did ya like part 3?
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I have nothing to do, so here is part 4

Majora's Mask part 4

Link and Tattle ended up working together. They had become friends.

LINK*to NAR.*-No, we are not.
NAR>-then why work together?
LINK-it is part of you'r story!
NAR.-oh, well back to it!

Link realized he would need to get to the skullkid. He heard of a secret tunnel to a BIG telescope, via a bomber. He ended up going through the tunnel. He saw the austronomer there.

LINK-Move over, old man! I wanna use the telescope.
Old Man-BOY! Respect yo elda's, foo!
LINK-Oh shut up, and move over!
Old Man-Foo! Ya are a punk! Foo, respect yo elda's! Oh eva hea Gangsta Rap! Sa big hit wit us elda's these days foo! Now use da telescope!

Link used the telescope and saw the skullkid. Then a moonrock fell and link retrieved it. He gave it to a deku scrub in Clock town. The scrub carried him to the doorway to the top of the clock. At midnight of the third day he went up and saw the skullkid.
SKULL KID-He he he, you cannot defeat me!
Link then jumped up, and smacked the ocarina from his hands useing his ears. When he got the Ocarina he had a flashback!
ZELDA-you are leaving arent you?
LINK- to get away from you'r sorry butt. You stuck up little princess.
ZELDA-But I love you!:love:
LINK-Where did the smiley come from?!? I hate you!
ZELDA-the song of time reminds me of us!
ZELDA-Love is wonderfull. I *love* you!
~End flashback!~

TATTLE-Wake up moron, we have only 5 minutes left!
LINK-I will play the song of time!
Link pulls out the Polls Voice Flute and playes the song of time.
A mist swarms him and he wakes up in front of clocktown!
TATTLE We traveled back in time!
LINK-Ya don't say?:rolleyes:
TATTLE-Where did the smiley come from?
LINK-I don't know.

Link went to the Happy Mask Salesman.
HHS-hello I can heal you now!
He plays the song of healing.
HHS-now will ya help me> Oh and take the polls voice mask!
LINK-Thanks, and no I will not help you.
LINK-Where did the smiley come from?
HHS-I have no Idea...HELP MEEEEE!
LINK-well if you'r going to bawl about it....

NAR.-part 4 is done now Link.
LINK-Please come on!
NAR.-This is already a long post, and the readers might get bored!
LINK-This is funny!
NAR.-Whoes 'we'?Got a rat in you'r pocket?
LINK-I have no pockets, I wear a tunic.
NAR.-No, you wear a skirt!
LINK-No I don't.
Part 4 is over so tell us what ya think!

How did ya like part 4?
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Majora's Mask part 5

Link wondered what to do next. He decidded to ask a villager. He saw a guy in a yellow fox mask(Masked Man) walking arund, putting mail in a mailbox.

Link-Yo, I got a question. I am on a quest to find a fairy named navi. Where should I look first. Where is she?

Masked Man-If she was up your butt you would know.

LINK-What did you just say? Huh punk? PUNK!!! DIE PUNK!!!
The masked man then ran away.

TATTLE-That was rude, mean, totally uncalled for, and VERY funny! He he he ha ha ha!!!

LINK-He ran off like a little girl! HA HA HA!

TATTLE-Hee hee hee!


NAR.- Okkkkkk, time to continue on the quest, morons!

LINK-BOY! I am in controll here! NOT you!

NAR-actually, I am the one writeing this story, so I am in controll. I can write that 50 men came and beat you to death with broom sticks!!!

LINK-You wouldn't!

NAR-Wanna bet on that?


TATTLE-HA HA HA!!! You tell him link! HA HA HA!

NAR-Ican hurt YOU to, Tattle.

TATTLE-You wouldn't dare!

NAR-I would LOVE too!



Link decided to go to the forest. Suddenly Tattle started to talk.

TATTLE-If we don't make it, I just want you to know that I *love* you!

LINK-HUH?? you are a FAIRY!

TATTLE-But should that really matter? Love doesn't just stay within races?

LINK-IT should!

TATTLE- But I love:love: you!

LINK-Where did that smiley come from?

TATTLE I don't know!

LINK-I hate you!


LINK-YE GODS!!!! HELP MEEEEEEEEE! *starts running off into the woods!

Will Link ever get away from Tattle? Will she stop loveing him? Will this quest ever continue? Find out in part 6!!!

How did ya like part 5?
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