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ok here it is (crosses fingers)this occurs B4 the Kokiri extintion. Link, just hoping for a few days of normal life. (Lets face it saving Hyrule continuesly kinda bites after awaile.) decides to head to the lost woods to see his friends again. As he heads back to the woods, he stops for a break. All of a sudden, from nowhere, golden beam comes down from the sky and surrounds Link. he is sucked up by the beam and beamed to a place that has lost its magic, a place where elves and dragons dont exist,a place where guns and bulletproof vests have taken the place of swords and sheilds.Its a place where pointed ears are considered freaky. Its a place called Earth. Link now a total outsider and now being hunted by those who dont understand must find those who still have the belivif to help him return to his home.

we will need 5 people (an estimate)of both good and bad, good guys help and bad guys wanna hunt him down because they are afraid (you know how it is lol) bad guys are like bounty hunters or cops or the national guard!

(yes you CAN use guns and swords but no real big guns ok?)
good or bad:

sry about that i keep getting my post mixed up can i please have this moved to sign up?
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name: kredion


weapons: a modifyed sniper rifle and a set of metal claws

good or bad: good

personallity:strange but understands lot's of strange things so that is all his mind is made of.

mind if i get the ability to turn in to a were cat?
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no i dont mind oh yeah i forgot to mention that Link is already taken so nobody try to sign up as him ok?

please dont sign up here i made a mistke so please dont move this ill make a sign up thread in sign up sry for any inconvenience
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