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k you are a monster rancher a human who has monster reived from diskes in order to train them and sent them to toraments and ulitimely get strong monsters to get even better ones. now lets see if you can get a good monster to get a monster you need to get 3 or 4 letter word to start i will look and see what monster is created from the word and you will get the monster. you can mix your monster type and make them stronger. now to start.

i need you to make a sign up like mine.

monster maker word:
monsters created:

here's mine

monster maker word:ice
monsters created: zuum
bio:kredion is a young rancher trying to help a failing ranch back to good standards by becomeing a monster rancher.
apperance:kredion wears black clothes and army style boots and his monster zuum looks like a little green raptor and 3 points on it's head
monster attacks:tail whip and tackle.
monster traits:flex tail
monster stats:power162, int79, acc174, speed158, defence88, life177.
monster dna:pure blooded zuum.
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