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Writing a few of my other poems


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these are my other poems. i'll place a short description with each one.

the first one was about my friend heather. she was oblivious do the harm her boyfriend was causing her.. and then she um.. died.. in a car crash..

I never thought..

I never thought when I met you that you'd do that
you said you wouldn't, but I was wrong.

I never thought when I drank from that bottle I'd be sick
you said it was good, but i was wrong.

I never thought when I smoked that ciggerate I'd choke
you said it was alright, but i was wrong.

i never thought that if i didnt wear my seat belt I'd be killed
You said its only a little way, but I was wrong.

You never thought that i thought about you
I said I'm not the one who's wrong, you are

this next one i wrote for my best friend in the world, andi, but i send it to all my really good friends. plus its another bad example of how i rhyme


Although the years have come and gone,
We'll still be friends for years to come.
Through old and new,
I'll still be a friend to you.
We may have grown apart,
But you'll always be in my heart.
No matter how many titles you have,
You'll only have one title for me...

this one is about my ex.. and how i felt for him before, during, and after our relationship


when I'm with you
I am overwhelmed.

Its like an endless bliss
that nothing can destroy.

this bliss is wonderful
so protecting that nothing can hurt it.

Then you left,
killing the bliss and its feeling.

Now when I'm with you
I am disgusted.

Its like an enless hell
that nothing can destroy.

This bliss is so hateful,
so hurting, I am killed.

this one is about a guy i was seeing for a while.. but then it kinda ended.. but that isnt mentioned in the poem

Strangers of Love

When we first met,
It was love at first sight.
Although we didn't know each
other too well,
We hope we would.
Kiss after lovely kiss,
our love grew.
Strangers to each other,
but wished more was known.
The love for each other,
kept us together.
Strangers to each other
we are,
but the love of the other
was known.

*bows* thank you and i hope you like them
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Guest Shift
[size=1][color=crimson]Like Rico I too can relate, especially the one about the friend. (friend died cause of her boyfriend) He was a jerk, he's in prison now though.[/size][/color]
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i never met heathers bf. i saw him a few times. but i didnt know what his name was. i think it was john or something like that..

but my friend rachel.. she looks so much like heather, that i was calling her heather. and i didnt realise why i was calling her heather until i re-read that one poem..
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