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sailor stardust

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Here's the story

It's a year since Link's last journey. He's finally back home in Hyrule staying at the castle with Princess Zelda. Everything is find until and evil power takes over the land, and an evil Wizard curses Zelda with the Spell of Eternal Night.
To break the curse, Link,Zelda, and his gang of heroes must find the Starlight Crystal and cure Zelda. The crystal is in the highest room at the tallest tower of a castle in the middle of a desert.The curse must be broken before sunset on the night of Sakura's Festival, which is in 4 days.
To recap, Link and his gang have 4 days time to fight the evil and get the Starlight Crystal to save Zelda, or she will be enclosed in a bubble of darkness forever.

Here's what you need:(make up names)

Weapons:Magical Boomerang, Full moon sceptre, Sword
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name:kredion darkeborne
weapons: a spell book with wizard spells and river stones
idems;a sirens horn a shiva's cloak and a quezacotl's amulet also has a ring but what does it do ??????
bio: kredion is a zora after liveing under water most of his life he takes a likeing to on ground and water activitys. althru it may seem most zoras these days are very unfreindly he is one of the few helpful ones.
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