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Writing Fear


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Fear of laughter
Fear of pain
Fear of insanity
Fear of sane

Fear of hurt
Fear of death
Fear of a knife
Sticking out of my chest

Fear of alone
Fear of hate
Fear of unknown
Fear of fate

Fear of guns
Fear of alone
Fear of weapons
Fear of things shown

Fear of the bombs
That are everyday things
Fear of the darkness
That sundown brings

The never ending fear
It never does ease
Do I have fear?
Ha! Please.
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[size=1][color=red]"The only thing we have to fear is Fear itself."

I believe that statement too. Anyway, very good job, DOK. (Something you always seem to do...perfectionist! :grumble: ) J/K!

Rating: 9.5/10[/size][/color]
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Well, this is the second critique in my poetry marathon for tonight (Strange mood, don't know why, lol).

Anyway, I didn't like the ending. Why? It destroys the mood and contradicts the poem itself.

The speaker of the poem seemingly fears being alone, as that example of fear is the only one repeated twice in the poem (see third and forth stanza). Unless this repetition was just a typo, the speaker unknowingly [I]does[/I] have a fear.

The last line seemed to interrupt the rhythm of the poem as well. Other than that, I really enjoyed the pacing and scheme.

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