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RPG Dragonball GT: Earth's Dispair


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[I] After being summoned by Mr. Popo, the group of teenagers learned of an unknown force that was headed for earth. To prepare the group for what may lie ahead, the group was lead to an odd room which had a pendalum hanging from the ceiling. Mr. Popo explained that they would fight enimies of the past to buidl their strength, and that they would start with the one who was known as Raditz. His power level would be at 1,500. The teen's grew scared, knowing that he was stronger and could kill them, but Mr. Popo explained that the only thing that would happen after they were defeated, they would be tranfered back to normal time. They all gathered in the middle of the room, and began to teleport back...To the day of Raditz... [/I]

[B] Havoc: [/B] This is what earth used to be like...But where is Raditz?

A few moments after they began looking around confused, a tall Saiyan with long black hair appeared in front of them, getting into an offensive position...
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Siren crouches and surveys the sayian... Clicking her tounge aginst her teeth she stands and looks down her nose at him... She was being arrogent and she knew it... But she coulden't help it... That had to be the worst hair cut she'd ever seen... Siren almost laughed but thought better of it at the last minate... She sighed and droped into an offensive stance... She didn't care if he was stronger that her... She wasen't going to show a weakness... She scolded her self as she watched raditz closely...

Siren: I knew i should have left the caffine alone this morning... Gah... Too late now...

She glanced to the others on either side of her and smirked...
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[I] Havoc stood, staring at the laughing Saiyan. He knew that Raditz's power level was 500 above his own. He quickly raised his arm, attempting to end it quickly. He shouted Flaming Destruction, as everyone flew back, fire flew around him. He looked at Raditz, and released his attack. The saiyan laughed as he raised his arm and pushed that attack away... [/I]

[B] Havoc: [/B] Raditz is stronger than us...My attack did not seen to do anymore than slightly burn his hand.

Raditz seemed to disapeared...After a moments, he appeared behing Havoc and folowed with a hard kick to the back of his head. Raditz bend down and began to insult the laying oponent. As he did, Havoc opened his eyes, and quickly kicked Raditz in the chin...
Raditz spit out some blood as his face grew more serious. He fired a Ki that flew under Havoc...A Ki Well...Havoc was thrown out of the battle, and back into reality...
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Crahs stoof and watched as one by one each child was flung back into their world. Only Crash was left.

Raditz: So your the last one huh?

Crash: Guess so..

Crash ran toward Raditz giving him a quick upper cut, but nothing could stop him, Crash flew back.

He put his hand up into the sky and screamed " Genesis Conduction!"

A dark cloud formed around Crash's hand and he aimed it at Raditz, he let go and the cloud turned into a beam, which Hit Raditz, and knocking him down.

Crash: Yes, it worked!

As Raditz got up Crash noticed something on his back, a tail. He remembed something like that. He had something like that when he was a child, a very young child. It hurt so much his parents got it removed. Crash knew exactly what to do.

He flew towards Raditz and grabbed his tail, Raditz screamed.
A quick punch to the gut and he was down, Crash stood over him.

Radittz got up and ran towards Crash. They ingaged in a massive battle, which took very long to complete. But finally Crash flew up and elbowed Raditz in the head.

Hurt badly Crash fell back into Reality.

Crash: Is he...... dead?
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Ryo looked at Crash. Ryo thought to himself then walked to Mr. Popo.

Ryo: I'm going back in. He's not dead yet.
Havoc: He'll destroy you.
Ryo: No he won't. We know what he has up his sleeve now. Plus Crash helped out and gave us a few tricks. Relax, trust me. I know what I'm getting into.
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Ryo, jumped back in, and the children stared at each other. Crash stood up and looked at Mr. popo.

Crash: Whats up with his tail?

Mr. Popo: He's a sayian, why?

Crash: Sayian?

Mr. Popo: Yes, they are an alien race. Far superior to humans...

Crash: Hmmmm, I had a tail removed from me when I was about 5 years old, Could I be a sayian?

Mr. Popo: I would have to speak with your parents young Crash.

Crash: My parents are dead....
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Jubei looks at Raditz in disgust.

Jubei: This fight should have been over.

Jubei charges in and assaults Raditz with a flurry of punches and kicks.Raditz almost catches Jubei with an upper cut but Jubei flips backwards catching Raditz with a knee to the chin.When Raditz stumbles back Jubei assaults him with Ki blasts.
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Sirens eyebrows shot up when she heard about the sayians and tails... She shakes her head and scolds herself for thinking the impossible... It was just a freak occurence... But then again so was the "accident... Siren knew better... Turning she blinks...

Siren: Ryo might need help... I'm going back...

With that she walked back in... Stoping she watched Jubei attack Raditz... Shecracks her fingers and stands by Ryo

Siren: That won't last...
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Raditz flys up into the air with Jubei behind him.Raditz stops and lands a quick bunch.Jubei trys to kick Raditz in the stomach but misses and gets hit with a strong side kick.

Jubei: Hmph.

Jubei flys back as Raditz fires a Ki blast.Jubei dodges and fires his own.

Jubei: This is gone to go on forever.
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Ryo: Well, Jubei is persistent and stubborn.

They watch as Raditz lands a hard punch on Jubei. Ryo flys up.

Ryo: That's my cue. Hey Raditz! Look out!
Jubei: Good job Ryo.

Three Ki blastsfly past raditz and blow up. Ryo and Jubei gang up on Raditz he deflexcts all of their atacks.
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Crash looks at Mr. Popo

Crash: So what your saying is if I get enough anger, I can transform?

Mr. Popo: No time now, to tell the story. Go help them, you will learn....

Crash jumps into the "[i]Alternate[/i]" world
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Siren sighs and glances a Crash

Siren: Right... Shall we help them? Looks like they could use a hand... Or four...

She moves closer and looks for an opening... Her chance came as Radtiz caught Jubei with strong left hook that sent him flying... Siren darted in and began attacking Raditz
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Jubei stops before he hits the ground and jumps behind Raditz and trys to punch him in the head but Raditz disappears and comes up behind Jubei.Jubei just kicks Raditz in the face and fires a Ki blast hitting Raditz dead on.

Jubei: Finally.

Raditz falls to the ground but Jubei doesn't stop.He fires one after anothe.Soon everyone fires one huge blast.Raditz trys to move out the way but gets hit.

Ryo: This battle is over.

Siren: Not yet.
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Ryo grabs Raditz and flys into the air. He puts his hand on his chest with a Ki blast separating them.

Ryo: Bring us back a souveneir.

Ryo fires the blast as Raditz falls to the ground, screaming in pain.

Ryo: That was fun. It's all yours. He's out.
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Siren placed her hands on her hips and scoweled

Siren: He has a point... Not much of one *winks* but I'll give him credit...

She glances to her left and raises an eyebrow...

Siren: Yes... Good question... Was that the only trial? I mean... I'm not too eager for more punishment than necessary, and from the looks of it... Neither are any of you... But... Raditz seemed... So simple compared to what could have been... Yes, he beat the crap outta us but we diden't use our maximum ability and fight as a team... We let our egos get away with us and they convinced us to try our own thing...

She falls silent and shakes her head
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Ryo: Man, how are we going to fight if we don't even get a break. Oh well. Plus, It's their turn. I'll just wait up here for a while.

Ryo watches as the tall figure rushes towards Crash and attacks. Ryo lands behind him and starts to gather his energy.

?: You weaklings won't beat us with that puny of an army.
Ryo: We don't have to. You guys will.

Ryo unleashes his energy at the small guy.
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[i]nick: Ryo and Jubei, you take the small guy. Siren and I will take the big guy.

???: We have names fools, I am Prince Vegeta. And that big guy over there is Nappa.

Crash and Siren fly towards Nappa and begin attacking![/i]
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Ryo flys straight at Vegeta. Tiny ki's in his hand. He throws one handful of kis and they sink into the ground as vegeta jumps above them. Ryo jumps behind him as seifer attacks form the front. Ryo puts his hands up to vegeta's neck and lets his blast go.

Ryo: This guys good and fast. It's tougher now though. What'd do you think seifer? Help Crash and siren or stick with vegeta? Makes no difference to me.
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Siren bent back at the waist avoiding a kick from nappa... She sprang foreward and landed a uppercut to his chin... The hit barly fazed him and he came around with a left hook catching Siren square in the chest... After flying a good twenty feet she skidded to a stop on her rear... Siren lept upand rubbed her backside ruefully

Siren: Now you've done it... You've hurt my pride...

Two green ki balls formed around her fists and with a sound like a thunderclap she brought them together

Siren: Rahhhhnnnnn tannnnn suuuuu..... Fire!!

The dark green beam sped away, curving towards Nappa... in an explosion of white hot light the beam found it's mark...

Siren: ALRIGHT!! Yea!!

Crash fazes in beside her

Crash: You so sure he's a goner?

Siren: No... Chances are that he's still alive and cookin... Mebbe temporaily blinded, but he's still very much alive...
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