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Guest Yugi-Z

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Guest Yugi-Z
This was a card game, but it has evolved into a creature-creating contest. You create actual life. A horrible soul,Pegasus, has kipnapped the loved ones of expert duelists. You are one of those duelists.:bawl:

To sign up give me your,

Favorite cards:
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Name: TJ Grey
Gender: Male
Favorite Cards: Turtle Tiger, Neo the Magic Swordsman, Monster Reborn, and Red Eyes Black Dragon.
Appearance: 5' 8", 120lbs. Brown, messy hair, smokey blue eyes. Black baseball cap, frog necklace, hawaiian tablet necklace, silver ring, watch, red vest, black t-shirt, blue jeans.
Bio: A quiet kid for the most part. He never expected anything like this to happen. Though he is pretty much a coward, he trusts his deck and inner strength to lead him to victory. His favorite cards are Dark, Warrior and Dragon.
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