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Writing Star Wars: Sith Contest


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Okay, this is a joint story written by myself and Majin Vegeta... so just sit back, and hopefully, enjoy.

Darth Chaos and Darth Mayhem, two sith apprentices, presented themselves before their Master. They were down on one knee, heads lowered, before the new master of the Sith, Darth Kahn. Normally, there would only be one apprentice, and eventually this law would stand, and they would be pitted against each other in a match for their master's favor. But their master found himself in a position where both his apprentices were very useful to him, and so he decided to overlook the sith law for the time being.
Darth Chaos was a humanoid aged roughly 23 in human years. He was well built, with spiky brown hair, and had rugged good looks, though like every other sith humanoid, his skin had started to pale into a deathly white. He had been converted from the new Jedi order when he was 13, succumbing to the power of the dark side, under the persuasion of Darth Kahn, who had always kept an eye on him, noticing his great potential as a warrior.
Darth Mayhem, unlike both his master, and his fellow apprentice kneeling next to him, was a Zabrak, also 23 in human years. Upon study of a sith holocron one day, Darth Mayhem found files on the Sith Lord known as Darth Maul, who?s utmost dedication to the sith teachings had made him an exceptionally powerful sith, despite being so young. Darth Mayhem, as a tribute to his fellow Zabrak, had intricate sith tattoos all over his body, identical to those of Darth Maul?s. He has piercing yellow eyes, and is slightly taller than his fellow apprentice. He had been under the tutelage of Darth Kahn ever since he could remember, and has always been completely loyal to his master, never questioning his motives. Darth Mayhem had not felt the need for another apprentice when Chaos arrived, and since then his determination has grown, possessed on proving he is the superior apprentice.
?Rise, my friends? said Darth Kahn. Immediately the two apprentices rose to their feet, and looked up at their master. He swiveled around in his large chair, his pale, lifeless hands gripping the arms of his chair. Much of his face was shadowed by the hood he wore on his face, the only ever present feature was his eyes, lifeless, yet full of ambition, power, and greed. Darth Mayhem had remembered when he was a child, looking into those eyes, and nearly being petrified into paralysis. His master had always been terribly harsh on him, but Mayhem respected his every action without question, Mayhem knew his master had only done it to drive into him the discipline and determination which he now had. Darth Mayhem had very little memory of life before he was in the emperor?s teaching. He knew he was from Iridonia, and that he was not always called Darth Mayhem?but that didn?t matter to him, all that mattered was serving his master.
?Lord Mayhem, Lord Chaos, you have both pleased me greatly. Your mission to kill the Republic general?s on their base on Yavin 4 was a complete success. Even the Jedi, including Luke Skywalker, were unable to sense your presence. And now, I have new tasks for you both.?
Darth Mayhem lowered his head. ?We are but tools to use at your disposal, my master.?
A thin, dry smile spread across the face of Darth Kahn. In most ways, he saw Darth Mayhem as the perfect acolyte. Obedient, powerful, filled with hatred and anger... he would one day rise to be an almighty sith. His problem though, was his pride. Although he followed his masters every command as law, he always felt that most jobs were not fit for his level of skill?he was right enough to say that, both he and Darth Chaos has demonstrated unusual talents. [I]Soon[/I], though Kahn. [I]Soon you will get the challenges you seek, worthy of your skill.[/I]
Darth Kahn saw Chaos differently though. He would obey his master, though he would often voice his opinion where it was not desired, and anger his master. He was the sort of apprentice that would attack his master as soon as he thought he was strong enough to destroy him. That was his problem, his arrogance. Darth Kahn could see it now, clear as day. Darth Chaos drawing his light sabre out on his master, only to have it met by another light sabre? though not Darth Kahn?s sabre, No, but the sabre of his other apprentice, Darth Mayhem. That was how much they differed. [I]Chaos seeks power by rank, while Mayhem seeks power by obedience[/I], Kahn thought.
?Lord Chaos, step forward.?
Darth Chaos stepped forward, again dropping to one knee, and lowering his head. Mayhem kept his gaze motionlessly forward, showing his tremendous discipline.
?My friend, I wish for you to go to Tatooine. There you must go to Kishna the Hutt, destroy him, and retrieve the holocron he has in his possession. That holocron is very important to me, you must not fail.?
Darth Chaos bowed his head further, signaling that he understood his task. He now looked up to meet the gaze of his master. ?If I may ask, my master, what is on that holocron??
The thin smile on Kahn?s face turned to a contemptuous scowl, as his eyed the sith kneeling before him with infuriation.
?That is my business, and my business alone, Lord Chaos!? the words seemed to lash from Kahn?s tongue. ?If I required for you to know, I would tell you. Now go!?
?Yes master, I am deeply sorry.?
Darth Chaos got back up to his feet, but kept his head lowered as he backed out of the room. He knew that he had been beaten; any further disobedience would mean serious punishment for the apprentice. Never the less, both Darth Mayhem and Lord Kahn could feel the anger swell inside him, as he left the room.
?Lord Mayhem, come, my friend.?
Darth Mayhem stepped forward, lowering his head.
?I am at your command, my master.?
?I have a very important job for you my friend. A rebel team has invaded the Sith Mausoleum on Korriban. I will not have our sanctum defiled by their filthy presences any longer. You must remove them from the mausoleum, by any means necessary.?
?It will be done as you command, my master.?
?And remember? said Darth Kahn. ?Any person found in the mausoleum when you arrive, must be killed and burned in the crematorium as sacrifices, as says the ancient laws of the sith.?
Darth Mayhem bowed low, then turned and proceeded to leave the room of his master?s throne room on Coruscant. The huge iron doors to the throne room were force controlled, to thick and heavy to open by pushing, or even by hauling a battering ram into. It was exceptionally difficult to open by anyone who wasn?t attuned to the force to a great degree, which, of course, Chaos and Mayhem were. Darth Mayhem held out his arm, the air shimmered around him, as a tendril of dark energy was thrown from his hand, slamming into the huge iron doors, and throwing them open with an immense force. He marched through, reaching out with the dark side of the force, sensing the shimmering force patterns of his master, and his fellow apprentice. Obviously, the essence of Darth Kahn?s power was far greater than that of his fellow apprentice, for two reasons. The first was that Darth Chaos was getting progressively further away, as he was now out in space aboard his ship; the second reason was that Darth Kahn completely outclassed Chaos anyway, as he did Darth Mayhem.
Mayhem proceeded down the mutedly lit passageway, his cowl resting perfectly upon his head and Iridonian horns. He reached the end of the passage way, where the turbo lift was open and waiting for him. Stepping inside, he stared out of the view port at the rear of the lift, out into the landscape of Coruscant. Its endless rows and lanes of air traffic that extended over the horizon in every direction. Its towering buildings, some of which tall enough to scrape Coruscant?s atmosphere, extravagant and luxurious at the tops of the buildings, but at the surface, it was terribly run down, dwelled in only by beggars, crime lords, and street gangs. Some places on the surface, such as the Crimson corridor, only received a few minutes of sunlight every day. [I]Not that it matters[/I], thought Mayhem. [I]Soon this planet and every other will be under the control of him and his master, and Darth Chaos would be dead, as would the Jedi, I will make sure of it.[/I]
Darth Mayhem had never hidden it, he had always displayed a hostile personage to everyone except his master, and that included Darth Chaos. Mayhem couldn?t wait for the day when he instructed them to battle, so there would only be two, a master and an apprentice once again. Mayhem would make sure he wouldn?t lose that fight. [I]Then, it will just be my master and myself once again[/I], though Mayhem, a grim, thin smile spreading across his face. The thought of finally destroying his 10 year rival had brought an urge of excitement and joy to the normally emotionless Zabrak. Chaos and Mayhem had only mock sparred once, and that was the most intense battle either of them had ever been in. [I]But still, I came out on top, and the next time we fight will be no different.[/I] Thought Mayhem, as apprehension swelled inside him. He had an almost undeniable urge to chase after Chaos in his own ship, follow him to Tatooine, and battle him there.
?No, I must do as my master asks of me.? Mayhem told himself, as he calmed himself, becoming one with the dark side once again.
The turbo lift suddenly stopped with a loud hiss, and a ?ping?. The golden curved doors spread open, and Darth Mayhem walked through, into the hanger. There was space for barely more than Mayhem?s and Chaos? ships in the hanger, even though the ships were no bigger than a basic cruiser. Mayhem?s ship greatly resembled the Sith [I]Infiltrator[/I], but its durasteel body work was a sleek black, instead of the old silver model. It rested on the hanger floor, in perfect condition, untouched by anyone except Mayhem, and without a single scratch. Lord Kahn had given it to Mayhem as a gift 3 months ago, after he had successfully destroyed 3 Jedi that had discovered his masters domicile. He had destroyed them with such speed, as he had to, he couldn?t let them get back to Luke Skywalker on Yavin IV. He remembered the conflict perfectly, down to the last detail. He had caught up to the 3 Jedi in a hanger on the East side of Coruscant just as they were about to depart. Two Jedi had stayed back to battle him, they had instructed the third to get to Yavin IV as quickly as possible, and go straight to Skywalker to tell him the news. The Jedi were of course, no match for Mayhem?s exceptional skills. Normally he would had taken his time, and enjoyed the fight, but in that fight he had no time, and so within a few minutes both Jedi had been destroyed. His next task was to find an adequate ship in which to pursue the third Jedi. One had caught his attention almost immediately. It was undoubtedly a bounty hunters ship, and not a bad one to boot. He also knew that a bounty hunters ship of this quality would have many defense mechanisms in place to get rid of intruders. He had reached out using the dark side of the force, and disengaged or neutralized every trap before he had boarded. As he had estimated, the ship was very impressive, and easy to pilot. He had caught up with the Jedi?s ship within around 15 minutes, just as the ship was preparing to jump into hyperspace. In an all out offensive, Mayhem had let out a flurry of laser cannon blasts, proton torpedo?s, and seismic charges. The Jedi?s ship had torn to pieces, sipped in half by the seismic charges, then blasted into no more than chunks of durasteel by the torpedoes. Upon returning to Coruscant, he encountered the bounty hunter whose ship he had borrowed. It had been returned in exactly the same condition as he had left it? he had even reset the defense systems; it only needed to have its weapons reloaded. But still, the bounty hunter would have none of it. Mayhem could have killed him, but he simply put a mind spell upon the angry bounty hunter, and left. When he had returned to his master, this ship had been waiting for him.
The hatchway at the back of the ship opened, hissing as the pressure inside and outside the vessel leveled out. Without any hesitance, he proceeded aboard his ship. The air tight hatch at the rear of the ship closed behind Mayhem as he entered.
Soon after, the main thruster engines started up with a low hum, progressively getting higher n pitch at they warmed up. The secondary thrusters kicked in soon after, with a quiet car engine type sound, which could barely be heard over the humming. Mayhem?s ship, [I]The Obliterator[/I], lifted off the ground, and rotated towards it desired direction as it slowly rose up out of the hanger. It left the hanger, appearing in the congested air of Coruscant. The thrusters gave a burst of power, launching the Obliterator above the skyline, and into the orbit of Coruscant.
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At the same time???

Darth Chaos slammed through the door, launching down the corridor with a blind rage in his eyes, heading for his quarters. He was totally furious! He had always despised both his master and fellow apprentice with all his dark heart and soul. [I]One day I will be strong enough to defeat my master, and when that time comes I will destroy him, but before that I?ll teach the spikey headed freak a lesson.[/I] The two apprentices had always had a rivalry, a sort of friction between them ever since the day that Chaos had been turned, for he had not always been a Sith.

No, He was once a very powerful Jedi Apprentice by the name of Andrew. He continually astounded his master with his great skill and power. But when he was but a Teenager at the age of 13 he was tempted by the Dark side. Darth Kahn had noticed his power and wanted him to be turned. Andrew?s constant praise had made him arrogant and Kahn had no trouble turning him. Then with his new name, Chaos, he began his Dark training. Even though his fellow apprentice had always been a step ahead, Chaos wasn?t far behind. He would always impress his master with his talents. His power had grown greatly since his change of sides.

[I]I am losing my trail of thought, I must go to Tatooine and destroy this Hutt Character as my Master has ordered, but soon I will be the one giving orders?..[/I] Chaos then left his quarters heading for the Hanger to get his ship. He quickly walked down a few winding corridors, then reached the Hanger. In the Hanger was Chaos? ship and Mayhem?s ship. Chaos? ship was a Jedi Type fighter ship which he kept after his conversion. He modified it slightly, making the colours darker, making the ship faster and very stealthy. He walked over to it, climbed up the small set of steps into the cockpit and sat himself down. The space which usually had an R unit droid in it was now replaced with a very powerful shield generator. Chaos pulled the glass over closing it firmly, he then put a small bangle around his head which gave him telepathic control over the ship.

The small thrusters at the back of the ship engaged expelling some gas. The main engine then turned on, the ship slowly and steadily left the ground. Chaos smirked as he looked at the other ship, then thought of his master and fellow Sith. The ship left the Hanger, Chaos looked down on his masters base, disguised cleverly as a abandonned hotel.
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The [I]Obliterator[/I] pulled out of hyperspace, Korriban directly ahead, taking up most of the view from the front viewport. Darth Mayhem couldn?t help but feel inadequate; even from here he could sense the sheer power coming from the Mausoleum. Mayhem?s ship had been built for covertness and pace for than anything else. It had an automated satellite jamming system, stopping the ship from showing on even the most powerful radar detection units. It also had a state of the art cloaking device, strong enough to conceal the ship from view until another ship was well within its targeting range, by which time it would be to late for the any opposing ships. Its shields were very basic though, it would take a cruiser of equal size only 3 or 4 direct hits to disable it entirely.
The ship spun, altering it?s entry to the trajectory needed to land on the side of the planet where the Mausoleum was. Gravity immediately took its course as soon as the ship entered Korriban?s atmosphere, set to land 2 kilometres outside the Mausoleum, amongst the rocky canopy to its north. The ship set down on the flattest space of rock possible to occupy its size. The hatchway at the rear of the ship opened with a sharp hiss, and lowered to the ground. Darth Mayhem stepped outside, carrying a pair of electrobinoculars. He scanned area around the Mausoleum. Normally he would have taken a few moments to take in the magnificence of the Mausoleum, but he had to be as swift as he could. Near the main entrance to the building was a single republic cruiser, military standard. It could occupy a maximum of 45 soldiers, so for the time being Mayhem had to be prepared for the fact that he would have to take down 45 rebel soldiers without any of them signaling for help. An almost impossible task for anyone? but Mayhem sensed that his master would have not have sent him to accomplish such an overwhelming task alone.
Within minutes, using the dark side of the force to enhance his speed, he was within a few hundred metres of the Mausoleum, hiding behind a ridge of rock, so he could safely plan how to gain entry to the Mausoleum. He closed his eyes, and reached out with the force. His gaze penetrated the wall of the Mausoleum, and he observed that there were only a dozen guards in there, a much easier task then he had anticipated. Also, no-one had been commissioned to guard the entrance; everyone was busy exploring the interior of the Mausoleum.
[I]Pitiful[/I], thought Mayhem. He leapt over the ridge, landing gracefully on the rock surface below. Stealthily, he crept towards the main entrance of the Mausoleum. The power he felt was intoxicating, the spirits of a thousand Sith Lords from over 5 thousand years dwelled in this temple. He peered through the partially opened iron doors, glancing into the main chamber. It was a large, bare, rectangular room, with large circular pillars placed around the outside of the chamber, only about 6 metres from the edges of the chamber, with a simple alter at the rear of the room... There were only 5 guards in this room; others had obviously wandered off into the adjoining passages and rooms. Silently he slipped through the door, and ran to the corner of the room, where it was greatly shadowed. He was quite safe from being seen here, so now was the best time to plan his attack.
For an hour Mayhem observed the soldiers motions, trying to detect any form of repetition, if they had any kind of set course to follow. It seemed that they were just meant to stay in the main chamber, until the other seven came back. They were just exploring the inscriptions in the walls randomly, trying to keep themselves from being bored. There was very little communication between them; it would be easy enough to pick them off. As long as he stopped them from escaping, they had no means of communication with their superiors; their only comm. link of any kind was on the ship outside. However, the quieter he executed the people in this room; the easier it would be to pick the others off. It was much easier to take out 5 quietly, than rush in and suddenly have another 7 on your back. He had to try and prevent any blaster fire.
At this point Mayhem saw asphyxiation as his best tactic. If he could take out two, or even three before the others noticed, he could quickly take out the others in the room, and then he would just wait for the others to return, to kill them off as well.
He decided it best to try and choke the two nearest to him at the same time, which would draw the other three closer to him, giving them less time to sound any kind of warning or alarm, like blaster fire.
Letting himself become immersed in the dark side, Darth Mayhem held out his hand. A dark tendril of the force shot towards the soldier nearest to him. At first, Mayhem simply pressed lightly against his neck, the guard seemed to react, but then he shook it off and continued about his business. Darth Mayhem then started to close his fist, and the soldier fell to his knees, clutching his neck, trying desperately, but unable to call for help. Then, he turned to the guard to his right. Using the exact same technique, the second guard again fell to his knees, clutching his neck, almost identically as the other one had done. Another soldier noticed this, and attracted the attention of the others. They raced over, just as the body of the first guard went limp? and lifeless.
They reached the second guard, who was desperately clawing at his throat, trying to release the mysterious grip that was choking the life out of him. His bulging eyes looked pitifully up at his fellow soldiers, as he too collapsed to the floor as a corpse.
The others stood for a moment in paralysis and shock, and a moment was all Mayhem needed.
He removed the long cylinder from his belt, and ignited both ends, red beams of plasma shot from the chamber with the distinct humming that a lightsabre has. From the other side of the pillar, all that the guards could see were the two beams, and that was enough to make them run for the door.
Mayhem vaulted through two pillars, keeping the sabre above his head, as he drove one end through the back of a soldiers neck. One continued t run for the door, while the other drew his blaster. [I]A courageous move[/I], thought Mayhem, [I]but a foolish one[/I]?the soldier managed a shot, and a well aimed one, it came straight for Mayhem?s face. But, with one elegant swing, and a stroke of his lightsabre, the bolt was deflected back, and hit the soldier right between the eyes. Mayhem allowed himself a slight smile; he had often practiced that, but had never been able to use it in action until now.
Using the dark side of the force, Mayhem launched himself forward with amazing speed, cutting off the third soldier as he was about to reach the main door to the mausoleum. He struck the soldier through the chest, and then slowly drew the blade out, multiplying the soldier?s pain, spun, and took of the soldiers head with the other blade of his lightsabre.
The 5 guards had been taken out as best Mayhem could have hoped for. Very little noise, and no time to call for assistance. Mayhem allowed himself a grin; he enjoyed it when his plans fell perfectly into place. He disengaged the twin crimson blades of his lightsabre, the lightsabre that proven just how dedicated to the dark side he was. Only an expert, with the utmost dedication and talent in the dark side, could wield such a weapon successfully. Anything less and it could easily become more dangerous to the user than to his opponents. Only two Sith Lords had mastered such a weapon in times past. Darth Maul, and Exar Kun, both very talented in the Dark magics of the force.

Mayhem started to walk towards one of the thinner corridors leading out from the main chamber. He sensed three presences in that direction? and as far as he could tell, one was a Jedi. Suddenly, Mayhem?s wrist comm. went off. He knew it was his master checking on his progress, and he didn?t hesitate to answer his master?s call. He pressed a button on it, and it engaged. His master spoke almost immediately.
?Lord Mayhem, how is your assignment coming along??
?My master, I have secured the entrance and the main chamber. I am now going to check on what I feel is a Jedi in the temple.?
Even without being able to see him, Mayhem could feel that a Jedi in the temple had infuriated his master.
?Lord Mayhem, I want that Jedi destroyed, and quickly! Show no mercy my young apprentice, that Jedi will soon pay the price for this disgrace!?
?Yes, my master.?
The comm. broke off from communication, and immediately Darth Mayhem started running down the corridor from which he felt the Jedi?s presence. He was alone; two guards were in the room before him. Mayhem entered that room, ingoting both ends of his sabre. Running straight down the middle of the room, he held his sabre parallel to the ground. The room was to narrow for the guards to avoid the blades, all they could do, was look on in horror for that split second before they were cut down.
Mayhem continued running, shrugging off his cloak as he did so. He held his sabre out at his sides, the blades pointing in front of, and behind him. He came into the next room, and he saw a young male humanoid, pointing his blue bladed lightsabre towards Mayhem. Darth Mayhem vaulted into an Arab spring straight over the Jedi?s head, swinging one end of his lightsabre down towards the Jedi. The Jedi blocked with a slash of his own sabre, and spun towards his opponent who had landed behind him. Mayhem spun his sabre above his head, and drew in for an attack. The young Jedi soon found himself struggling to block an elegant flurry of Sith moves, both warriors knew that the Sith was clearly stronger. In a desperate effort, the Jedi attempted a move he had studied in a Jedi holocron, a move which a Jedi padawan Obi-Wan Kenobi had used on Darth Maul, a wielder of a double bladed lightsabre, just like his mysterious was.
The Jedi swiped in a high attack towards Mayhem?s neck. Mayhem, much to the Jedi?s surprise, moved into the path of the blade, rather than trying to block it. The Jedi, with a sudden rush of confidence, used the force to power his sabre down more quickly. Inches from the mysterious Sith?s head, the Jedi felt like his hands had hit a durasteel wall, and they rebounded backwards harshly. Mayhem had set up shield with the force, a shield much too strong for the Jedi to penetrate. The Jedi also knew, they his guard had completely dropped, as he guessed was the Sith?s plan. Mayhem, moving like a bolt of lightning, struck upwards with one blade of his lightsabre, cutting the Jedi in two, from the groin to the head. A look of pain streamed through the Jedi?s face, as the blade had made his way through him, which filled Mayhem with delight. There was nothing he liked more, than seeing the look of defeat in a Jedi?s eyes only a split second before they died.

Unlike the earlier scenario, it was unlikely that the guards had not heard the lightsabre battle. Darth Mayhem reached out with the dark side, feeling for any shimmers in the force. He sensed two guards in the chamber beyond, a chamber almost as large as the one he had killed the first 5 guards in. He sensed that one was coming to inspect the ruckus, and the other was standing guard. He disengaged both ends of his lightsabre, and summoned his cloak, which was lying in the chamber next to the two guards that had been cut through the abdomen. It launched into Mayhem?s open hand, and he quickly threw it over himself, as he walked silently into the corner of the room. Using the force, he camouflaged himself. The guards sent to investigate walked into the room, and looked down at both halves of the Jedi lying on the ground, his lightsabre hilt motionless next to him. Mayhem could see the shock form in the guard?s eyes, now was his time to strike. He launched from the corner, and with one stroke of his left hand, he had gripped the base of the guards chin, and twisted his head obtusely. He quiet ?crack? of his neck snapping came as a pleasant sound to Mayhem. The guard dropped to the floor with a small thud? his stomach was pressed against the ground, but his head was almost looking up at Mayhem. Ignoring this, Mayhem headed down towards the next sentry? when he felt something. Another Jedi was here, a powerful Jedi. Mayhem had been finding it very difficult to pick up on life forms using the force, because of the immense Sith presence he felt here. But the feeling had suddenly struck him like a freight train ramming into a flimsiplast sheet. He knew that his presence would go un-announced however, the Sith aura radiating from the mausoleum itself was more than enough to cover his masters presence, Mayhem would certainly have no trouble of roaming around without being sensed by the Jedi. He silently dashed down towards the end of the thing stone passage. The walls were a very dull yellow, almost rustic in colour, though they were made of stone. The guard was positioned just to the right of the passage, looking out into the chamber. Mayhem crept up to the corner of the passage, and silently unclipped his lightsabre hilt from his belt. He pointed it at the corner of the wall, and ignited one end. The plasmatic crimson blade shot straight through the wall, and into the spine of the sentry. He let out a gasp, as if the air had been stolen from his lungs, and his body went limp. Mayhem disengaged his lightsabre, as the corpse of the guard fell into a heap upon the ground. He felt the Jedi making his way towards him at great speed? he had obviously sensed the deaths of his comrades. Mayhem didn?t need to hide; this Jedi was about to be taught a lesson. He pulled off his cloak, and let it drop to the floor, as he walked into the centre of the chamber. Soon enough, the Jedi and the final guard came running in, the Jedi had his lightsabre hilt in his right hand, and the guard was clutching the handle of his blaster in its holster at his left hip. Foolishly, the guard?s first instinct allowed him to draw his blaster, and he pointed it at Mayhem.
?No! You fool.? The Jedi yelled, as the guard let off a shot. One blade of Mayhem?s lightsabre shot out, and, aiming it perfectly, he deflected the blast. It launched back at the guard, and struck him right between the eyes. The Jedi stared at his fallen friend, and then drew his own lightsabre. A green blade shot out of his hilt, as Mayhem extended the other crimson blade of his lightsabre. A huge battle, was about to commence. The Jedi slowly advanced, his lightsabre held straight out in front of him pointing at Mayhem?s eyes. Mayhem spun his sabres around above his head, and then lowered them into his battle ready stance, where the blade facing forwards was pointed towards his opponent?s feet, and was placed across his body, from the left hip to the right knee, because he stood almost side on. Mayhem sensed the Jedi?s caution, although this one was strong, he had had very little experience in lightsabre combat. Mayhem however, had killed many Jedi in his life already. Mayhem had recognized the Jedi; he had appeared on one of his databanks aboard his ship on his way here. Bur?ca Whabe was his name, he was in his late 30?s, and was very force sensitive. The Jedi lying dead in the adjacent passage way must obviously have been his apprentice. Mayhem wasted no more time; he darted forward, holding the lightsabre behind him with one hand. Whabe responded, launching towards Darth Mayhem, his lightsabre held above his head. Their lightsabres clashed, a surge of heat and energy radiating off the plasmatic beams. The battle? had begun.
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