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[i] Exit. You need an exit.....your life hangs in the balance. Join the ranks of the freed minds of the world of the real. The scorched remains ever burning, and the people look to the resistance to stop the machines from total domination of Zion.

The year: 1940's

The crew of the Nebuchannezeddar consists of old faces, not known to anyone. Morpheus, the single surviver of the original crew has not been freed. But this crew in 1945 is.

Date: D-day

World War II has errupted. The frontlines are now battling, but why? Certain humans have staged it- the people of Zion. With the slaughter of millions of lives, the machines will lose mass quantities of food and energy sources.

But, the machines have a plan to evade this. They will learn to conquer it- and they almost have. The codes to Zion have been discovered, and the keeper of it will be tortured unto its release. Agents and Virii have been dispatched. Who is there left to stop them from taking over? Who is there that can even stop one of them in the first place?

Journey in 50 years in the past, where the freed minds continue their search for the One. Journey into a world of war, where the balance of the man against machine exists. Journey into the rabbit hole. Take the red pill.[/i]
Required fields:

Name/ Alias Name
Skills/ expertise
Birthplace (real world or Matrix)
Current Location (does not need to be on the ship yet)
Weapon of choice
Brief Background



Skill: Point man- knows technology, but after using construct programs is more equipped to go into missions involving artillery and strategy; also good with guns and white fire arms

Birthplace: The Matrix

Current Location: Works on hovercraft, the "Exodus", helps find more crew and people ready to be freed

Weapon of choice: 3 foot bushido and twin berrettas

Apperance: realworld- dirty, skinny, black hair
matrix- muscular, dark clothes, black hair

Brief bio: Before WWII started, the cold war was booming. Alter lived in America, but discriminated since he was asian. They also believed that Alter was a spy, since he worked well with technology and always seemed to be looking for something- The Matrix. He eventually found it, and was freed from the hardships of the world. He was brought to the real world, and now works on his own ship, aiding the Nebchunezzard and looking for new crewmen.
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