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RPG our lives with the tamers..


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This is an Rpg with our life with the tamers.

Kitty: * runs to school, becuase shes late for school again**I slow down and try to sneak into class but the teacher spots me and anounced to the class that i was the new student.*

Teacher: This is Kitty..she will be joining us for the rest of the year*

*[I]a boy with gogles runs in and the teacher sends me and him out in the hall for being late*[/I]

Kitty: *[I]*gasps*[/I] You're Takato!??!

Takato: *sadly* yes i guess...

Kitty: Im sorry about Guilmon..

Takato: *smiles and cheers up* Im going to keep that promise..

Kitty:Bet you will..

Teacher: You may come back inside, but you will have to stay in for recess.

* me and Takato go back into the class*


At recess..

[I]* i look out the window and see ??!Henry? and ?!jeri?!*[/I]

Teacher: Write about the War of 1812..

[I]me and Takato both agree*[/I]


After school..

*Takato and I walk home together and we reach my house*

Kitty: Bye!!See you tomorrow!

Takato: C ya!!


Later that night....

* I walk down the street and see lights up ahead*

* i run toward them and stop in their glow*

A voice: *from behind me* You like this place too..I see..

* I turn around* Kitty: *smiles* Takato!

Takato: Their glow remings me of Guilmons Pyro sphere...the fire of course..

Kitty: yah..

Takato: * walks up to me and hands me a Cherry blossom..

Takato and Kitty*whisper*: A sakura..

*Takato leaves and tries to jump into the darkness..but..falls on his face*

Kitty: *giggles*


On New Years....

Kitty: I'm going to watch fire works in the parc, mom!!*whispers under breath...be carefull...

Mom: be careful!!!

Kitty: Yah mom!!

*runs out the door and meets Takato at the end of them street*

Takato: Hey I brought Susie and Henry along, is that ok?

Kitty: Of course!!

At the fireworks...

Susie: Fiwa woks!!

Henry: No susie..FiRe WoRks..

Susie: thats what i said!!

Takato: I got ice cream!!

Kitty: great...*licks the ice cream*


When the Fireworks actaully start.....

Kitty: *in aww..* there so pretty...

Takato: *leans closer* Yah...*falls on his face*

*giggles* Labramon: Hey Kitty!!

Takato, Henry, Susie: You have a Digimon?!

Kitty: *:blush:* yah...did i not mention that?


At the Firework finale....

Henry: *with susie asleep in his arms* I gotta go...

Takato: Un huh...


Takato: Heres something i got for you...*he holds pink goggles in his hands*

Kitty: *wears them like Takato*thanks!

Takato: Welcome..*lightly kisses Kitty on the cheek and runs home but falls down on his face....

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