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Writing Day In the Life


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[COLOR=darkblue]This is one of my older writing that I found lying around on my HD...enjoy :D


[I]Benjamin Mclane Spock is filling out papers.
His face is grim and determined, bathed in the flickering light of a green lamp next to him. All the windows are closed with drapes blocking the sunlight. On one of the papers is his Trigonometry note he is reading over diligently on. He is wearing the standard summer camp staff uniform, slacks and a white collar T-shirt.[/I]

Ok, time to hit the books. Hmm?if I plan to be an architect?then this stuff seems pretty boring.

[I]Spock gathers all his notes and straightens them, twice. He then stashes it in his black leather bag. He looks over the other papers, which are the records of the children who are attending the summer camp. He looks them over to pass the time. He grabs his mug of coffee on the corner of the desk and takes a sip, puts the mug down, then sighs.[/I]

[b]SPOCK (CONT?D)~[/b]
I don?t know why I even signed up for this camp. I could of spent this time doing other stuff.

[I]He puts his head down over his crossed arms on the desk where the records of the children in an attempt to take a short nap. Suddenly, he hears three taps on his door. He looks up slowly. He hears the voice of a young lady.[/i]

Hello, Benjamin? You in there? Hello?

[I]The lady knocks three times again; Spock finally gets up and opens the door, only a crack. He notices it is one of the summer camp staff he was working with, Jane Cheney, a Yale college student like himself. Spock looks her over from head to toe. She is wearing the same outfit as Spock. Spock finally opens the door and greets her with a smile.[/I]

I thought it was one of those damn yuppies, spooks that hide in the woods and scare people dead straight. Here, come in, have a seat.

[I]Spock gives a small chuckle and lets her in. He closes the door, softly behind her and takes a seat on his desk. Jane takes a seat on the right chair on the opposite side of the room.[/I]

The heck do you mean by yuppies? This? the first time I?ve ever heard of that kinda stuff happening in the camp. What, you hear something at night?

[I]He looks at Jane for a moment then shrugs.[/I]

Actually, this is the first time I?ve ever been in the woods. You never know, something might drag you in under one of these houses?god knows what might happen under there.

[I]His comment amuses her and she looks at him a moment before responding.[/I]

I?ll ignore that

[I]He pushes back from the table and stands.[/I]

I?m just saying, you never know what can happen in a spooky place like this. So whacha come here for?

[I]Jane gets up also.[/i]

Well, it is lunchtime, wanna get something to eat? You?ve been in here since ten o?clock this morning; never seen you come out, I was afraid the yuppies your talking about got the best of you.

[I]Spock laughs lightly and tries to open the door but the door is jammed shut. He pushes the door but it doesn?t move. He rams the door with his shoulder. Nothing. He steps back.[/I]

Damn! I guess my hunch was right then, Jane, I guess we have to go through the window then.

[I]Jane walks past Spock and takes her try at the door, ramming it with her shoulders. Nothing.[/I]

The hell? Aww, no! Benjamin, if I find out you did this on purpose; you?re a dead man.

[I]Spock pushes a small shelf out of the way and grabs on the control rod. Spock then opens the drapes covering the window and sunlight floods the room, forcing them to squint their eyes. Spock finally manages to open the window. Spock gets out of the way to let Jane go first.[/I]

Ladies first.

[I]Jane begins to climb on the windowsill and then stops.[/I]

You better not be checking me out! Perv!

[I]She lets out a small giggle, and then jumps out onto the dead leaves in the back of the building. Spock looks at Jane?s backside just as she jumps out. Spock follows and jumps, nearly hitting Jane. She slaps Spock on the cheek hard and runs off to the dining building.[/I]

What the heck was that for?

[I]Spock begins pursuit of Jane.

Camera pans out permitting view of the entire camp, enclosed by woods, children are playing on the right side of the camp while Spock and Jane are chasing each other in the left side.[/I]


A Day In the Life

[I]Followed by credits (If there are any).[/I]


[I]Jane enters the dining hall running and stands just inside the door next to the self-service line. She is breathing heavily and all motion has come to a complete stop, everyone is looking at her. Finally, one of the older staff members goes up to Jane.[/I]

Please don?t run around the camp, accidents are bound to happen so, be more careful in the future. Well, just sit anywhere honey. Food?s right over there.

[I]Moments later, Spock walks in and meets up with Jane. They find a table nearby and sit. [/I]

I have a rule about people I work with.

[I]Jane recalls what took place back at the counselor?s office and laughs softly.[/I]

Oh? And what might that be?

Yeah, I?uh..I don?t fight with em.

Really?well, it is a good rule, keeps everything on a professional level.

[I]There is another silence and they continue to hold each other?s gaze. A waitress working in the camp comes up to them and takes their orders.[/I]

What can I get for you this morning?

I?ll have a chocolate donut and a coffee.

Yeah me too.

[I]Jane smiles and shrugs.[/I]

I?ll be right back

[I]Spock and Jane are looking at each other with playful eyes, not speaking, holding each other?s gaze. Finally, Spock breaks the silence.[/I]



[I]Jane smiles and shakes his head.[/I]

I heard you wanted to become an architect. And what do you mean by becoming a ?professional??

Who told you that?

[I]Jane shrugs and sits up.[/I]

I heard you talking to yourself in the shower room in the morning.

[I]Spock picks up his napkin and throws it in Jane?s face and laughs as she tries to get it off and throw it back at him.[/I]

Who?s the pervert now?

[I]Jane looks around to see if anyone noticed his or her little flirting game.[/I]

You still! I was just passing by. You, mister Benjamin Spock, on the other hand?

[I]Jane notices the waitress is back with their orders and they hush up.[/I]

Here you go. Be right back with the coffee.

Anyways, how bout you and me go take a look-see at Dr. Thornton, an orthopedic doctor in the camp later huh?

[I]Spock takes a huge bite out of the donut and beings to chew. He finally swallows and begins to speak.[/I]

I guess so, oh I see, trying to change my mind about my career to a doctor so I can marry you off and rack in the big bucks. Ok, I?ll go check it out, got nothing better to do anyways.

[I]Jane pushes away from the table and stands up.[/I]

I think he?s in his office right now, let?s go; we?ll get the coffee later.

[I]They run out of the dining hall.[/I]


[b]?END OF I-2[/b]


[I]Spock and Jane walk up to the receptionist at the desk. The receptionist is wearing a white, nurse?s outfit with a small cap. She is filling out paper work with a quirky smile. The nurse does not notice the two directly in front of her until Spock puts his hand on the counter and rings the bell. The nurse props up and sets her papers down.[/I]

Can I help you? You a patient of his? Here fill this out.

[I]The nurse?s discourteous tone startles Jane as she hides behind Spock. The nurse hands Spock a clipboard with a pen and 2 forms. The nurse quickly resumes her work. Spock hands back the clipboard and steps back a bit, stepping on Jane?s shoes.[/I]

N-no, you misunderstand. We?re not patients of the doctor; we just wanted to talk to him, that?s all.

[I]The nurse walks into the room the doctor is in and they both follow her in. They see a doctor checking on a little girl who fell and broke her leg. The nurse walks up to the doctor and taps him on the shoulder.[/I]

Hey doc, these people say they wanna talk to you so I?ll just leave you four alone.

[I]The nurse quickly leaves the room and shuts the door with a loud thud. Jane begins to relax and goes up to the doctor.[/I]

Afternoon Dr. Thornton, your new nurse is a bit on the bitchy side isn?t she? Anyway, I?d like you to meet my friend Benjamin.

[I]Dr. Thornton turns around and greets Spock while attending to his patient[/I]

[b]DR. THORNTON~[/b]
Why hello there Benjamin, Jane tells me you?re interested in becoming a doctor.

[I]Spock hits Jill playfully on the shoulder and walks up to Dr. Thorton to shake hands.[/I]

Well, I?m not really sure on what career I want to take up after college.

[b]DR. THORNTON~[/b]
Being a physician is a pretty good career, especially when you?re working with children like I am now. Plus the pay is pretty good too. Give me a hand here, I?ll give you some insight on what being a doctor is about.

[I]Spock handed Dr. Thornton a bowl of plaster to go on the little girl?s cast. Spock noticed on how the doctor was treating the child kindly and gently to keep her relaxed. Spock edged over to Jane and began talking to her in whispers while he locked his eyes at the scene in front of him.[/I]

He?s pretty good at this, how long has he been working with children.

I think only one or two years, he says he?s done lots of things in the medical field, and this is the one that he enjoys the most.

[I]Dr. Thornton finishes up with the girl?s cast and the girl is lying on the bed, smiling.[/I]

Thank you Dr. Thornton

[I]At that moment, Spock was locked in a trance, he imagined himself treating ill children and how humbling it would be to see that child happy again. Jane who tapped him on the shoulder brought him out of the daydream.[/I]

What were you doing? Your brain working all right?

[I]They begin walking out of the doctors? office and head to the dining hall.[/I]

I got it all figured out now.

Figured what out? Are you ok?

[I]Jane raises her palm to check Spock?s forehead.[/I]

It?s just like I said; I become a doctor, rack in the big bucks, and marry a really sweet girl.

[I]Jane stops Spock and she looks with a look of amazement at him.[/I]

So then you?ll- ?!

[I]Jane is filled with excitement she cannot complete her sentence. [/I]

I guess so, I?m gonna become a doctor! Thanks Jane for taking me to see Dr. Thornton.

[I]Perplexed, Jane suddenly returns to her playful attitude. But not before receiving a kiss by Spock and running away.[/I]

Hey! You come back here you perv!

[I]The begin chasing one another again as screen pans out .[/I]

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