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*As Goku and Piccolo fly in the air back to goku's
house they see Tero fling to them*

Tero:Master Goku it's Demonos!He's Attacking the

Goku:What?Demonos,did you do it!did you destroy him?

Tero:No...it was....a guy named Talon....

Goku:Who's Talon?

Piccolo:A guy who came with us today.I didn't think he was that powerful.Maybe he has the abillite to hide he's powers like us?

*Tero,Goku,and Piccolo flew back to Goku's house.....

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*As Talon walks away from demonos, demonos fires an energy ball. Talon turns around and dodges just in time and the ball hits a tree.*

"Demonos...I've given you the chance to walk away without getting killed...now you've asked for it."

Demonos: come and get it...Talon is it? you havent enough power to defeat me, It is time to show my true strength

*Demonos lets out a roar and a dark aura eminates from him, his muscles grow bigger and Talon can feel his power level rising*


Demonos: Hahahahahahahaah

*Talon just grins and turns Silvanos once again*

"okay demonos, now you can see my power level...i thought you were weak."

*Talon lets out a roar as well and his muscles get more ripped and Demonos can feel his power level sky rocket*

demonos: You are powerful...no matter, I will still kill you

"We'll see about that."

*Talon rushes demonos and gives him an uppercut to the mouth, then an axe kick to the back of the head which send demonos hitting the ground. While Demonos is on the ground, Talon lets out his Mega Silvanos attack*


(Dragon wing beam is a move similar to the kamahamaha wave, only bigger and the blast color is silver)

*the blast hits Demonos and the light is so bright that nothing can be seen. when the light clears, Demonos is hovering in mid air..wounded and arm amputated, but smiling*

"What the....nobody could have withstanded that blast..."

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*As Talon is powering up, a mist begins to form on the ground below the two warriors, a golden glow eminates from the mist and as it clears a being stands before them Dressed all in black with a golden glow*
"I am Ringmaster, summoner of the Dark Carnival. I am here to seek out the one called Demonos, I'm here to destroy him!"
Demonos:"Talon, what cowardess is this, to bring an allie to attack to atone for your weakness!"
Talon:"I don't know who this guy is."
To Ringmaster:"Stay out of this, he's mine!!"
Ringmaster:"You know not what you are doing, he's more powerful then you think! He will destroy you!!!"
*Talon ignores the warning and readys his next attack*
OOC: not a bad entrance huh Talon

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*Talon charges straight towards Demonos, who still has a large smirk on his face.*

Talon - This time you won't survive.

*Talon swings his fist out at Demonos parrys his attack and delivers a powerful ki-punch to Talon's chest. Talon spews blood and doubles over in pain.*

Talon - Gaa aa

Demonos - Time to finish this boy.

*Demonos places his palm on Talon's head, and begins to gather ki to blow it off.*


*Suddenly a corkscrew beam drills straight through Demonos' bicep, leaving him without a left arm.*

Demonos - Ahhhhhhhh, who dares.............oh no........

*Demonos turns to see Piccolo hovering a 100 yards away along with Goku and Tero.*

Demonos - PICCOLO!

Goku - I'm guessing you know the guy.

Piccolo - Ya. Tero, why don't you show me what you can do and fight this guy.

Tero - Alright.

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*Tero,Goku,and Piccolo fly to hind Talon and Demonos with a man dress all in black*

Tero:Who is that?

Goku:I don't know?Piccolo?

Piccolo:I know him from some where.But where?

Tero:Hey Talon,who's your new friend?

*Talon turns*

Talon:I don't know him but his name is Ringmaster..........
AND HE'S NOT MY FRIEND!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

*Chi-Chi cuts in*

Chi-Chi:My aren't we popular? NOW QUIT FIGHTING OR I'LL KICK ALL YOUR LITTLE A$$ES!!!!!

*The boys quake in fear but Ringmaster stat still*

Talon:women on this planet are scary.

*Goku turns to Talon*

Goku:I see like this all the time.By the way what's your name?

Talon:I'm Talon Stormhawk.

*In the midst of the confusion Demonos Flies off,turn to Talon*

Demonos:I'll See you sometime Talon and next you'll lose!

Talon:Bring it on!any time!

*As The fighters sighed in relief as Demonos Flew off*

Goku:Glad the's over.Now let's go in and eat!

Chi-Chi:Not till Trunks,Gohan,Goten,Vegeta,Vegego,andGotai
get back.

Goku:Ah,come on Chi-Chi my stomach is hungry!

OOC:Talon My Brother Signed Up dam it!....

Coutinue the story Please........

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OOC (Out of Character): what the **** people? Will you please quit making my character talk..that really pisses me off, and dont make my character fight either outlaw...seriously..its wrong, I'm perfectly able to make my own character speak and act..thank you

*A look of anger is seen striking Talon's face*

"What the hell guys, I was just about to destroy him and you all just had to show up and put your two cents in...he could be dead right now, but you all gave him the chance to go back to his home under a rock and regenerate and power up for the next battle."

*Talon unches a tree and puts a hole in it as well as knocking it down.*

"I cant believe you, I know I'm new around here, but I can take care of myself, I'm probably more powerful than half you guys, even the green guy."

*Talon turns and walks away to look for Demonos on his own.*

"I have unfinished business with him, nobody follow, I will kill him myself."

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*Tala watches all this from a near by tree, and listens in on what
they are all discussing*

::whispers to herself::

"What has Talon gotten himself into now??"

*Tala continues to rest in the tree and watch the others*

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OOC: Sorry man, I'm just trying to make the story go along. But if you don't want me to do anything for your char than fine. I would just appreciate if you would have told me you didn't want me too in the 1st place, instead of blowing up at me. And I am perfectly aware that you can do it yourself, but if your going to, than do it, instead of waiting and making the rest of us stand around, instead of dropping off your posts.


Goku - Man, that kid has an attitude.

Piccolo - Ya, its a shame to. He has some real potential. But with so much rage, it'll be hard for him to focuss all his potential.

Tero - Ahhhh, let him go. He'll be fine.

Piccolo - I guess your right.

*Piccolo's ears twitch as he hears something in the distance.*

Tero - What is it Piccolo?

Piccolo - Theres someone hiding in the tree.

Tala - Uh oh.

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OOC:Hey Talon Sometimes people have to barrow charaters so the story doesn't die.Okay.Sorry man that's the way it go's.

*As the fighters watch Talon fly off to fight Demonos Tero hear a
sound of dishes droping on the flood*

Chi-Chi:Talais did you drop the dishes again
Talais:Sorry,I'm a fight not a cleaner!!!!

*Talais turn to see Tero Staying their*

Talais:Oh!Tero It's you.
Tero:Hi,Talais you training for the Tourament

*Ringmaster turns*

Ringmaster:A tourament huh?Maybe I'll join...you know.....to see if
I still got it
Talais:Ya I'm signing up and training Too

*form over the talking Piccolo hears someone in the trees.Piccolo
flies over and kicks it out of the tree*

???:ow!!!Why the hell did you do that for!!!
Piccolo:Sorry,I thought you might have been Demona!

*Tero turn's to see the girl on the ground and helps her up*

???:Hey,I know you!your the guy who helped out the guy with the sliver hair,aren't you?
Tero:Ah,Hi I'm Tero Tero Valor.The sliver haired guy name is Talon
And what is your's?
???:My name is Tala,I'm a fighter too.

*Talais jumps in*

Talais:you don't look like one.

*as the warrories were done talking.Gohan,Vegeta,Goten,Trunks,Vegego,and Gotai fly down from the sky*



OOC:Sorry,People for using for Barrowing your charater and your
probley mad at my.But understand people need to do it to make the story go on.


I have new Email address it's [email]Terovalortbear@aol.com[/email] see ya.

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Goku - Yes! Time to eat!

*All the saiyans run into the house to get food. They find a gigantic feast infront of them made by Chi-chi.*

Gohan - Are you sure that this will be enough mom?

*The rest of the fighters enter the house aswell to grab some food, all accept Piccolo*

Tero - Hey Piccolo, aren't you comming too?

Piccolo - No, I just need Water, thanks.

*Piccolo sits cross legged under a tree meditating while the others eat. After a few minutes however, Piccolo goes flying off into the West,*

Gohan - What the, wheres Piccolo going?

Goku - Probobly back to Kami Tower.

*But infact, Piccolo was going the oppoisite direction. Piccolo flew for a few minutes before landing in an open feild between a women and a snake like creature.*

Piccolo - Talias I presume.

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*As the fighters tend to their appetites, Ringmaster stands sentry outside Goku's house*

Tero: aren't you going to come in and eat?

Ringmaster: I need no sustinance, I will stand watch in case Demonos desides to show up again. And if he does, I will kill him without hesitation.

Goku: Man, you're worse than Piccolo. What's your name again?

Ringmaster: I am Ringmaster, a summoner of the Dark Carnival Spirits.

Ci-Chi: Where is the Dark Carnival?

*The group listens as Ringmaster tells of his origins and his reason for wanting to destroy Demonos*

Ringmaster:The Dark Carnival is a realm based neither here in this world, nor in the other world, but rather in between; a Purgatory of sorts if you will.
I am charged with delivering judgement upon the wicked and sending them to their rightful place.

Goku: Wow, you must be very busy with all the evil there is in this world.

Ringmaster: You have no clue...

Goku: Why don't you join us, we have pretty much the same objectives at this point.

Ringmaster: Yes, I believe I will.

*Ringmaster pulls Goku aside*

Ringmaster: May I ask you something?

Goku: Go ahead.

Ringmaster(in a low tone): Why, when that woman speaks do you all become so frightened? She is just a human, is she not?

Goku::blush:Who? Chi-Chi? She's my wife, and if you've ever seen her get mad you'd know why.

Ringmaster(to self): How odd

*Ringmaster resumes his silent watch as the others return to their food*

Ringmaster: I hope this is worth my time

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*Talon catches up with Demonos, finally, and gives him an over head puch, hitting him in the back, sending him to the ground.*

"Sorry ab0out back there Demonos, I didnt even know anyof those people, now we finish this..just you and me."

*Talon eats a sensu bean to restore any power he may have lost in the last fight. He transforms for battle, gaining his Silver aura and silver hair.*

Demonos: I'll make sure I kill you this time

*Demonos charges up*


*Demonos unleashes his most deadly atack and Talon lets out his....*


*...and the blasts meet one another but Demonos blast gains ground and overpowers the kimaden, hitting straight into Talon, sending Talon against a mountain..unconscious*

"I'm leaving now Talon...I must go back and recharge now...tell your friends, if you ever wake up, hahahahahahahaha!!!!!!!!!"

*Talon lays there, breathing lightly*

*Talon's thought*

"I gotta get back and tell the others...but my body is unconscious...I'll just get a hold of Tero through telekinesis"

*Talon focuses inside his mind*

"tero..Demonos has defeated me, hes going to recharge and then he'll be back for all of you...help me and prepare...pl..ea...se..."

*Talons mind strength fails*

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[COLOR=royalblue]Talais centers her mind and hears a distress call coming from Talon.

Talais: Might as well...*flies to where Talon's waiting*

Talon: What the hell?

Talais: I hear telekinesis and telepathy from all over this planet, I'm here to help you out.

Talon: What could you do for me?

Talais: Power of light,
power of hope,
power of the white heart,
Heal this man as I speak...
Healing Ring!

Talon: Wow. Okay, that was good.

Talais: A thank you would be nice.

Talon: Oh yeah, thanks.[/COLOR]

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*As Tero Sees Talais Fly away.He desided to fallow her*

Tero:Were the hell is she going?

*Tero flies to see Talon up after Talais cast a spell*

Tero:What the hell are you doing?
Talais:I'm sorry for the interuption Talon.

*Talais pulls Tero a side*

Tero:So are you going to anwser my qustion?
Talais:I helped Talon out and....
Tero:....You were going to ask him out.

*Talon start to think of something to say.*

Talais:So Talon will Ya.;)
Talon:I'm Sorry Talais.I'm Going out with um......um.......Tala!
Talais:Tala?You mean the girl back a the house?Why didn't you know her name then!?:smirk:
Talon:Because I wanted to be a surpries.

*Talon to himself*

Talon:That was a close call

*Tero teleapathly is listening*

Tero:Smooth ;)
Talon:I know.
Tero:You two make a great Boyfriend and girlFriend
Talon:I guess.I never had a girlfriend before.I Think I'll earth.

A Year passes Tero is more powerful,Talon and Tala fall in Love,and The story still continues.....

OOC:Sorry Talais is a made up charater.Tala is in real life Talon's
girlFriend so it was ownly natural from the story to go the same way.oh,by the way Ringmaster and Tero become friends

Thank you and sorry,

Sign Tero Valor
and for those who didn't remember my e-mail is
[email]TerovalorTbear@aol.com[/email] and please E-mail me
your e-mail address Talon,Tala,Outlaw,andRaiha.also send me your I.M. please I need to talk to someone
P.S. Talon is p.o. so if your going to use talons charater think like him

Talon:your Piss off

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Tero....what about Demonos...he got more powerful as well didnt he....and why in sam h*ll are you making the story skip already, wouldnt it only be right to destroy demonos in a stylish way first, and then move on to a differentf*ckin year?

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[OOC] :flaming: My Fxckin post from last night didn't come up! Let me try this again. Talon this is filling in the hole in the plot.

* As Tero, Talais, and the newly rejuvenated Talon continue their discission Ringmaster(also a shape shifter) listens in discuise trying to learn more of his newly found allies*

Ringmaster(to self): Why are they just standing around while Demonos is getting away? If he gets the chance to heal, then he'll be more powerful than ever and there will be no stopping him. I must desroy him now or my mission will be a failure.

*Ringmaster decides to find Demonos and finish him for good, and so abandons his duiscuise and disappears in his mist. As he disappears Tero notices his preasence*

Tero: Ringmaster! Where ya.... going?

Talais:where did he come from? And where did he go?

Tero: I dunno.

*Ringmaster appears in mid air and looks to see Demonos crawling under a rock the rejuvinate himself. He lands and calls out to Demonos*


*Demonos appears from his hiding place and answers Ringmaster's call*

Demonos:flaming::Who dares call me a coward! oh, it's you. Are you so quick to meet your demise that you would call to me in such a way?

Ringmaster: You will be the only one to die this day!

Demonos: I think not.:smirk:

*Ringmaster suddenly charges Demonos, claws drawn, and slashes him across the chest, the wound is deep and Demonos Falls to the ground in pain*

Demonos: AAAAAAAHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

*Demonos, holding his chest, slowly returns to his feet and readies his attack*


*Ringmaster easily deflects the blast... right back at Demonos. It is all Demonos can do to aviod the attack*

Demonos(to self): ****, if I don't get to heal myself I'm done for sure. (to Ringmaster): I perpose we stop for now, there is going to be a tournament a year from now. Iwill give you and your friends this time to train, then, in a year, we will meet at that tournament and do battle there. What say you?

Ringmaster: I'm not falling for that! If I give you the chance to heal yourself then you will destroy the world. So I say NO! You die today!!

Demonos:Well then, I'll just have to kill you now then.

*Demonos charges Ringmaster and pumches him in the head and follows with a quick blast to the chest which knocks Ringmaster back.*

Ringmaster: Ok, enough playing, It's time for you to be judged.

*Ringmaster begins to glow a brilliant gold and a mist begins to swirl around his feet*

Ringmaster: I call upon the spirits of the Dark Carnival, the spirits of the rightous dead, to come and pass judgement upon this wretched beast who has.......

*As Ringmaster chants, Demonos attacks him with once again with his Demon wing beam and blasts him to the ground*


Demonos: Now you will know the true power I possess, now DDIIIIIIIIIIEEEEEEE!!!!!!!!!!!

*Demonos increases the blast and buries Ringmaster deeper into the ground*
Demonos::devil: Goodbye Ringmaster, you were a fool to think you could defeat me! HAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!

*Demonos turns to walk back to his place under the rock when all of a sudden Ringmaster rockets out of the crater and fires two enormous blasts from his hands that hit Demonos directly in the back. Demonos is thrown into the giant rock that was his hiding place and screams in pain. Ringmaster stops his attack and Demonos falls to the ground nearly dead*

Demonos(very weekly): how.... could.. this...........be?

Ringmaster: I am of a spirit origin, and so can not die.

Demonos: no.............

*Ringmaster looks at Demonos and resumes his chant. A mist again forms swirling around the feet of Ringmaster, they climb and he is soon comletely shrouded in the mist. Then flames suddenly appear and surround the two fighters. In front of Demonos flames jump high into the sky, then settle in the form of two beings cloaked in black and engulfed in the flames. They raise their arms in Demonos' direction and the flames engulf him, he screams horribly with un bearable pain*

Ringmaster: Demonos, you have been judged, and now you will be brought to your rightful place among the evil souls of Hell.

*Demonos is burned to ashes, the beings disappear into the flames and the flames subside. There is no sign of the fire except a few whisps of smoke dancing in the breeze.*

Ringmaster: Goodbye Demonos, your reign of terror is over.

* Ringmaster disappears into the mist and returns to Goku's home*

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[B]thats was good ringmaster now i gotta think of a way to introduce myself into the story *sits back and thinks*[/B]

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Name: Bochan

Age:23 (Earth years)

Weight: 210 lbs.

Height: 6'1"

Race: Saiyan and Earthling

Level: SSJ4/Transformation His Anger

Clothes: Saiyaman Suit

Bio/Stuff: Bochan is a fuse with Gohan and Bojack. I know it sounds weird but Bojack went good and they fused

Allied: None

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OOC:Like how Ringmaster somed up the end of last year's fight
now is the time for the new people to join(please read the first post first my post.

*One year later.A Demonos death at the hands ofRingmaster.The earth warrories have been traing to for the tourament.Tero,Talon,
and the other earth warrories are in to see how is the best*

Tero:Talon,Tala time to go!

*Talon,Tero,and Tala are on their way to the Tourament*

Tala:I wonder who I'll verus first?
Talon:I hope it's not me*Holds Tala's hand*
Tero:Me too.

*as the warrories talk Tero spot's the Tourment ring*

Tero:Their it is guy the Ryo Tourament Ring

Goku:Hey guys
GoTai:Hey you guys are late you,You all so missed the number pull
-ing so we pull for ah.here you guy's number's

Talon:1!Yup I the man
Tala:I'm number 18
Tero:I'm Number 10

*Goku laugh's*

Goku:Ha,that's funny you have to verus me in The Tourament's
fifth round Tero

Vegeta:So I have to Verus Talon Huh I'll Crush him!
Talon:Don't take me so lightly Vegeta.

*the announcer call's for the first match*

Announcer:will Talon and Vegeta please report to the ring....

*As Talon and Vegeta stare at each other and are going ready to

OOC:Please continue the story.....

Tero Valor

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*Piccolo walks over to Gohan as he watches the 1st fight start.*

Gohan - So Piccolo, what number did you get?

Piccolo - 5

Gohan - O man, I got 6. That means where fighting each other.

Piccolo - Good, just promise you won't hold back. I want to see if I have gotten to your SSj2 power yet.

Gohan - Ok.

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*Tero is also seeing the match start*

Tero:I wonder who I'll be faceing?
Goku:you'll be faceing me.
Tero:master Goku huh
Goku:guess it's time to see how's stronger
Tero:I guess....

*Tero and Goku share at each other*

Tero:But first let's see how wins Talon's match
Goku:I guess Piccolo going to have to verus Gohan.
Tero:I was thinking.
Goku:About What?
Tero:If Talon wins agains Vegeta how will he verus in the secound round?
Goku:Let's see,ah here are the matches.
Tero:Talon vs. Vegeta,Goten vs.Gotai,Shimmia vs.Vidal,Tero vs.Goku,Piccolo vs. Gohan,Bochan vs.Vegego,Anebu vs.Ring,Tala vs.Talais,andNanaki vs.Slally(formaly know as 18).Cool

...continue the story

Tero Valor

Email at [email]TerovalorTbear@aol.com[/email] See Ya!

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